Quetzalcoatl Cultural Institute of Psychoanalytic Anthropology, A.C.

Graphical archives:                 

Color Pictorials:                      Rubén Soto Orozco

Black and White Pictorials:    Francisco Ismael Moreno Luna

Pictures:                                  Hammurabi Luis Rivera

Ma. Guadalupe Rodríguez Licea, Jenaro Ismael Reyes Tovar, Ma. Guadalupe Licea Rivera, Francisco Ismael Moreno Luna, Susana M. Rodríguez Licea, Hammurabi Luis Rivera, And other colaborators.

Translation:                            Ricardo Santana

Design:                                    Jenaro Ismael Reyes Tovar


Cover:                                     Central element of the Aztec Calendar 20 days of the Aztec month

The copyright registration number is: 03-2007-102514004900-01 with the sole objective of preventing anyone from claiming monetary ownership of this work, which has been realized with no interest in the earning of any profits, but as a manifestation of love and as an effort to benefit humanity.



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