Day 17. Olin (Earthqueake)


Olin is movement, activity.  It shows the active and laborious work that must be present in our daily activities.  Sloth is the primary opposition to our internal work, and thus we need activity, we need movement.

This marvelous sign is also representative of the permanent activity that must exist with the use of our subtle creative energies, use that will drive results only achievable if we learn how to sublime such creative forces.

Regent God:   This seventeenth sigh is related to the eternal movements of the Cosmos.  The fundamental idea on this sign is represented with dark and bright zones (shown as blue and red respectively).  These are curved, oblong and superimposed surfaces that come together at a vortex and from that point, separate each other creating four rays, symbols of the four cardinal points.  It is typically drawn at the center of a yellow disk.  Some manuscripts show at that very same spot an eye, adding to it a ray of red and a segment of the chalchihuitl glyph (precious green stone), integrating in such a way the symbol of the Sun.  The verb Olin is used in relation to earthquakes.  Its regent is Xolotl (Day of the Twins and the Deformed Ones) or Nanahuatzin (The God of Lightning), of a dog-like head.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex:      At his jaw, as the VERB creates, sets the creation in motion.  It reminds us to take care of not falling into the vice of Gluttony or slander.

“This is the same Rune Olin of Aztec Mexico and it is esoterically related with the famous Rune THORN.  Among the Aztecs, Olin is the mystical symbol of the God of Wind, Lord of the Cosmic movement.  The name of this Angel is Ehecatl…”
Samael Aun WeorEsoteric Course of Magic Runes, Chapter XXVIII


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