Chapter 6. The Edge of the Stone


At the very edge of the stone we find the signs of Ilhuicatl (Heaven), the blades of obsidian as solar rays over the sky, the stars over the heavens and the sign of Venus.  The symbol of Venus is depicted just as in Quetzalcoatl’s pectoral (the Ehecailacacozcatl), which is a transversal cut of a seashell, similar to a butterfly, between rays of light.

The icon of the Quetzalcoatl Cultural Institute (ICQ in Spanish) is the very same shield seen in the various depictions of Quetzalcoatl.  The symbol is representative of the Planet Venus, symbol of the fraternal love that must be manifest in humanity. The principal objective of the ICQ is synthesized in the Mayan phrase “In Lak’ esh a Lak’ En” meaning “I am you, you are Me”; this is an objective we all can accomplish as long as we work without the anticipation of receiving anything in return.

Quetzalcoatl, God of the Toltecs, third son of the divine couple of Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl, Lord and Lady of Duality, was represented with a silver gown like the rays of Sirene, with a half-moon on his chest, and wearing a sacred mask.  On his left hand, the chimalli, on which is drawn the symbol of the morning star; on his right hand, the macauhuitl for the battle…”
 Samael Aun Weor – Aztec Christic Magic


Interesting is the fact that our ancestors represented Quetzalcoatl with a Chimalli (shield) with the symbol of Venus, an emblem of love across all ancient cultures.  It is through love, when lived in our daily lives, that we can defend ourselves from the different adverse circumstances in life.

“D. Master, I have observed the different ruins on places I have visited and in the codices, and there’s the butterfly, the butterfly that walks its own process until it reaches a state of perfection?  M. That is clear.  From the caterpillar emerges the BUTTERFLY, from the CHRYSALIS; in such a way must the TRUE MAN, the AUTHENTIC MAN, emerge from the INTELECTUAL ANIMAL.  Such a man must be created within our own selves, until one day it emerges to face the light of the Sun…”

“D. Then, was Quetzalcoatl a MAN-BUTTERFLY; are all gods BUTTERFLY-MEN?  M.  Well, that is a symbol.  As a symbol it represents the SOUL, the INTELLIGENCE of the TRUE MAN.
“D. There in Colombia, the Tayrona Indians as well as other tribes, used to make them of gold and they were divine Master, beautiful!  They used to bury them, I was even able to hold them in my hands but I never knew of their meaning until now… M. They represent the PSYCHE, the SOUL.

“D.  There are some in the shape of a nosepiece… and the “bembeta” held by the Chac-Mool?  That one is similar to a thick nosepiece the Indians wore… what was this used fro, was this used to transmute?
“M.  These are symbols and only symbols; SYMBOLS OF THE TRUE MAN, weren’t they?  The butterfly, the winged-man; just like within the intellectual animal, the chrysalis, we generate the MAN.  In such a way we can represent the butterfly: from the chrysalis emerges the butterfly and it flies…”
Samael Aun Weor – Gnostic Symbolism of Animals


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