Day 20. Xochitl (Flower)


With it being the last day of the month, the Flower, Xochitl, is a symbol of the culmination of the work, the harmonious development of all human faculties, the Self-Realization of the Being.  This one represents the return and reintergration to the TRUTH.

Regent God: This is an abstract symbol and represents both the flowering and the disappearance from existence.  Xochitl is the last symbol appearing in the Borgia Codex.  It has the shape of a yellow crown with a calyx formed by the glyph chalchihuitl.  It could be a simple flower or a whole tree as a flower.  Its regent is given the name of Xochiquetzal (the Goddess of Love) and Xochilipilli (God of Sustenance and procreation).

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex: On his tongue, as from his mouth only emanate precious words.

“Flowers and songs are the most elevated manifestations on earth that open doors to the realms of Truth” is what the Tlamantinime used to teach at the Calmecac.”
Samael Aun WeorAztec Christic Magic, Monograph XV


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