The Sun of the Rain of Fire


Quiahuitl-Tonatiuh (Sun of the Rain of Fire) or Nahui Quiahuitl (4-Rain of Fire).

This is the third cosmogonic epoch, denominated by the students of Gnosticism as the Lemurian Race, which developed itself in what is known today as the Pacific Ocean. It was an epoch of interesting geological changes. The Easter Island and part of Mexico are still remnants from that epoch – which is why Mexico has so many archaeological and esoteric treasures of such transcendence.

Helena Petrovna Blavatski, Elliot Scott and other wise ones, together with the Aztecs affirm this race was terminated by rain and lava. Men, back then, were transformed to birds to save them from the sacrifice.

The sons of the third sun or Sun of Rain of Fire were destroyed by the rains of fire, which were related to the Southern cardinal point, from which they said, the fire originated.

The fact that they were transformed into birds invites us to reflect on the disappearance of the Mayans, who left no trace. It also reminds us the no less amazing disappearance of the people from the small town of Lilliput, close to an indigenous tribe in Bolivia.

It results obvious that it all relates to the great leap, the absorption into the fourth dimension.

This race is also known as Lemuria. Easter Island and Australia are part of Mu, the continent – already disappeared – the Lemurians inhabited and was located in the Pacific Ocean.

When stated that they “turned into birds”, it is indicated they were united to the Spirit by following the transcendental mysticism.

“The third race was the Lemurian race, which inhabited what is today the Pacific Ocean. They disappeared by the Sun of Rain of Fire (volcanoes and earthquakes). This race was governed by the Aztec God Tláloc. Their reproduction was through germination. Lemuria was a vast continent. They degenerated and time morphed their faces similar to that of birds, which is why the savage ones, remembering their traditions, adorned their heads with feathers.”
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