Day 5. Coatl (serpent)


All Mesoamerican cultures based their teachings on the serpent, symbol of wisdom and representation of the Eternal Feminine Principle; symbol as well of the internal, sacred divine fire that when used appropriately, can take every human being through the path of a radical transformation.

The Great Master Jesus the Christ clearly told his disciples on the day he sent them to share his teachings with humanity, to be “astute as the serpent”.  According to the symbol of Coatl, this meant (and still means today) it is important to act wisely in our practical lives, knowing how to extract wisdom from every instant of life regardless if the condition is favorable or adverse to us; this meant we were to learn “how to live”.

Regent God:   It is associated to creative energy, to wisdom.  The Coatl is represented with rattles or without them and painted of a color green.  Its regent is Xochipilli (Lord of Life) Chalchiuhtlatonac (Lord or Beauty).

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex: At the creative organs, it is the sexual force and its transmutation.

Jesus, the Great Kabir, would have never advised his disciples to be as wise as the Serpent if it had been a symbol of the Devil.  Neither had the Ophites.  The Egyptian Gnostic sages or the Fraternity of the Serpent revered a living snake in their rituals as a symbol of Wisdom – the Divine Sophia.”
Samael Aun Weor – The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

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