Day 4. Cuetzpallin (Lizard)


For one, it represents the element Earth, showing us both the emotional and psychic stability we should possess as aspirants to self-knowledge. In some codices it is painted blue and red. These colors indicate, alchemically speaking, the necessity to blend in wisdom the masculine magnetic principles (red) with the feminine magnetic principles (blue); we have to develop the ability to carry forward a stable and balanced matrimony.

Ruling God: Related to the capacity to reproduce. Cuetzpallin is represented with two colors; blue on the forward part of its body and red at its posterior. Cuetzpal means “glutton” and the ending “-in” means “movement or agitation”. As its regent the god Huehuecoyotl is mentioned (old coyote) and is also represented in other codices with the tools of Xochipilli (God of agriculture, flowers, etc.) and of the God of Fire. It is considered as the Lord of Dance and sexual desire.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex: Towards the front, as a guiding tool.

“D.- In the codices, the lizard… what does the lizard represent? It crawls, walks, observes… M.- THE ELEMENT EARTH.”
Samael Aun WeorGnostic Symbolism of Animals

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