Chapter 4. Solar Rays

Solar Rays

The solar rays we appreciate in this marvelous archaeological piece are a symbol of the light that illumines us as we walk the path of self-knowledge, the path of Wisdom, of the Gnosis we must find as we discover that which we truly are, what we feel, and what we do.

The four largest symbolic rays are depicted forming a cross, an emblem of the union of the magnetic masculine and feminine forces.  The lesser rays also depict a cross in the shape of an “X”, or the cross of Saint Andrew, representation of the elimination of the filth and putrefaction we carry within, but helped with the understanding and the wise channeling of these masculine and feminine forces.

There is a total of eight rays, reminding us of the eight years of Job, the patience and tenacity required of us to do the work at home, in our matrimony, because it is only through the union of our alchemical opposite that we can possibly find the path towards the light.

“With urgency, it is of vital importance to move away from the vulgar coupling and to walk into the luminous sphere of the magnetic equilibrium of “rediscovering the other”, of finding within the path of the blade, the secret path that leads us to final liberation.”
Samael Aun Weor – The Mystery of the Golden Blossom

Chalchihuitl (Precious Stone)



The creation of heaven and its dimensions, Huitl, is a circle representing color.  Each color in the Aztec calendar is the representation of a particular sound, enabling those who knew how to interpret wisdom to listen to the music captured in the calendar to instruct others through the combination of color and sound.

In the same manner that atoms emit a vibration and with it a sound, each color is a vibration and their combination produces a symphony only understandable, perceptible, to those with an awakened consciousness.  We see the same phenomena manifest in the musician who interprets what he sees in a musical pentagram.  He, who has the understanding, can readily comprehend the music implied in every page of the codex, and in this case, in the Stone of the Sun.
We conclude that the circle of Chalchihuites, as a perfect depiction of sound, would be interpreted as the precious creation and geometrization of the Universe.  God geometrizes.

“In all of the Cosmos exists the musical scale of seven tones.  In all of the Universe resound the seven tones of this great scale with the marvelous rhythms of fire.”
Samael Aun Weor – Christmas Message of 1965-66, Chapter I

The Four Elements

Four Elements

The ornaments of the precious chalchihuites are made of jade and have five perforations used to bind them together with straps of red leather and tips of feathers ending in pearls.  This is the most splendorous ornament among the Aztecs and signifies light, strength and beauty.

This band contains precious feathers that symbolize the element of air; it also represents transcendental mysticism and superior ethics; the solar rays allegorize the sun; the pearls represent water as well as the virtues of the soul; and the ornaments of jade (the chalchihuites) represent the element of Earth, also reminding us of the four Gospels of Matthew, Marcus, Lucas and Johannes.

The four elements of nature participate in every alchemical process to drive a radical transformation of us.  Tenacity, patience (earth) and strength (fire) are required for us to be able to adapt to the different circumstances in life (water), all of which require conscious attention (air).  It is only on this path that we will able to walk the path that leads us towards our Being.

The precious liquid, or blood, cannot be left behind; symbol of the transmutation of creative energy.  Note the intimate relation on these three aspects: blood, jade and the sun. It becomes obvious that the blood has plenty to do with the transcendental aspect of self-realization, with the CHRESTOS or Solar Logos.  By remembering the words of our Savior during the last supper:

“To him who eats of my flesh and drinks of my blood, I will resurrect him on the hindermost day.”


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