Day 7. Mazatl (Deer)


The deer invites us to the conquest of the attributes of the Human Soul, to the work that results in the acquisition of THELEMA (the true willpower), which is a necessity if we are to conquer our passions and reach the emancipation of the psychological trap we have created throughout time.  In relation to the Kabala, the deer is related with Tiphereth (the Human Soul).

The Great Master Jesus said: “In patience shall thee possess thy souls”, pointing with this to the idea of working to conquer the virtues symbolized by Mazatl.

Regent God:   Shows the capacity to remain alert, nobleness and equanimity.  Tlaloc (Lord of Rains) is the regent of this sign.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex:      It is located on the Aztamecatl (the white thread) of its own head, and it comes out of a rope with ritual feathers, the pineal gland.

“D. And, what about the deer Master?  M.  The deer even has its own dance… The dance of the deer is pathetic, some perform it marvelously, and others dance it with somewhat less grace, but those who better perform it represent magnificent spectacles.  The dance of the deer… the hunting of the deer… D. Is that like the process we live in the path of initiation where the capture of the Cerenite deer represents the ascension of the Walkyrie? M.  That is clear.   D.  and in such case,  will the deer represent the Human Soul? M. The soul that suffers, cries, and struggles and at the very end reaches death to obtain its reality, to BE.  The deer!
Samael Aun Weor - Gnostic Symbolism of Animals

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