Day 8. Tochtli (Rabbit)


The long ears of the rabbit invite us into the learning on how to listen, not only on how to listen to others – as we in general only listen to our own EGO – but to learn how to listen to The Word, to the messages that come from our Being, from our Spirit.

It is absolutely necessary to reach within through our psychological self-observation, and to look deep within our Being for the the Word.  It is this self-observation combined with meditation what can lead us to discover the superior forces that help guiding us, healing us… and because of our inability to listen, each day we move farther and farther away from such energies as a result of our egotism, our lies…

Regent God:   Shows vitality, happiness and fecundity.  Tochtli is usually represented with a rounded head, a round eye, long ears, long teeth and its skin white with transversal black stripes.  It is ruled by Mayahuel (The Goddess of the Maguey plant).

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex: It is found on the flags of war and sacrifice.

“D. One other symbol among the Nahuas is the rabbit.  M.  In relation to its long ears, what do the long ears represent?  D.  The Hidden Ear?  M. The hidden ear, the VERB, the WORD!  It hides, makes its own niche.  What would such a niche represent?  What is that niche?  We have to find it within our own selves.  The cavern we carry within.  The rabbit represents the VERB we have to find within, the WORD.”
Samael Aun Weor - Gnostic Symbolism of Animals

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