Day 14. Ocelotl (Jaguar)


The Jaguar is the emblem of the attributes we must develop to overcome the battle against our psychological defects.  Just like the tiger has its characteristic ferocity, the student, in such a way must battle with an analogous ferocity his vices and passions.

Mythology has always shown the radical disintegration of evil without entering in dialogues with defects.  This approach sets the necessity to manifest firmness against the evil that exists within our own selves.

The tiger is intelligent and agile; the student of real Wisdom must also act in such a way with the purpose of living their existence, by intelligently overcoming obstacles and walking out victorious after facing the daily tests and challenges that come with the daily living.

Regent God:   This is the symbol of strength and courage.  Ocelotl, the fourteenth sign and just as the fifteenth, is represented by either a head or the complete figure of the corresponding animal.  Both symbols have their silhouettes outlined by knives of obsidian.  This sign is ruled by Tlazolteotl, the Goddess of the Filth of the Earth.  Her vestures and adornments are similar to the ones of the Goddess of Corn, Ochpaniztli, designating her with the names of Teteo innan (Mother of the Gods) Tlalli iyollo (Heart of the Earth) and Toci (our Grandmother), the great giver of births, the ancient mother Earth.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex:      On her forward foot, the right foot, this is an indication of the path of righteousness.

“The tiger is different, and the Tiger Knights know it.  They, the Jaguars of the Gnostic Movement are the authentic felines of Revolutionary Psychology who clash against themselves, against their own psychological defects.”
Samael Aun WeorThe Secret Doctrine of Anahuac, Chapter II


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