The Five Suns or Races


“It is noticeable around the figure of the Mexican Verb the chiseled date of ‘4 Tremor’, the day in which our existing fifth sun will cease through fire and earthquakes. In the wondrous rectangles of the sign “tremor” are sculpted the dates when the previous suns perished. The “sons of the first sun” (the divine androgynous of the first root race) who happily lived in the Crystal Island, perished devoured by the tigers (remember what has been previously discussed about the felines in this treatise). The “sons of the second sun” (the second root race of the land of Apollo), the Hyperboreans, were destroyed by fierce hurricanes. The “sons of the third sun” (the Lemurian Hermafrodites), the multitudes of the third root race who lived in the Lemuric continent in the Pacific Ocean, died by the sun of a rain of fire and great earthquakes. The “sons of the fourth sun”, the fourth root race (the Atlanteans) whose land was located in the Atlantic Ocean, were swallowed by the waters.”
Samael Aun WeorThe Secret Doctrine of Anahuac

It is amazing to see how the Stone of the Sun carries the history of humanity. According to ancient traditions, our actual sun was preceded by four suns or cosmogonic epochs, denominated as “races” by universal Gnosticism. In Cuauhtitlan they are mentioned in the following sequence:


Atonatiuh (Sun of Water): its sign is Nahui Atl (4-Water); it brought to an end a great deluge where men were turned into fish.


Ocelotonatiuh (Sun of Jaguar), or Sun or Earth: its sign is Nahui Ocelotl (4-Jaguar). During this period, the heavens collapsed, the sun stopped its march, the day was turned to night and the jaguars rose to devour men.


Quiauhtonatiuh (Sun of the Rain of Fire): its sign is Nahui Quiahuitl (4-Rain). During this period fire came from the heavens, men burnt and from the volcanoes raised the vesiculous lava (tezontli), large and small bits of lava (tecihuitl) and the volcanic ash (xaltec).


Ehecatonatiuh (Sun of Wind): its sign is Nahui Echecatl (4-Wind). The destruction came through hurricanes and men were turned to apes.

Past these four suns, periods, or races, the current race started on a Cetochtli year (1-Rabbit) and twenty-five years later, in the year of Malactli Omei Acatl (13-Cane), the actual sun was born, represented in the Stone of the Sun as a birth date: Matraltli Omei Acatl. It is the fifth sun which, according to the Cuautitlan, carries the name Olintonatiu (Sun of Earthquake). Its sign is the day Nahui Olin (4-Movement) shown in the Aztec calendar and at the center of the image of the sun.

It is worth noting that the first four races or cosmogonic epochs also teach us the work that needs to take place with the four elementals of nature: Fire, Air, Water and Earth; the alchemical transmutation.

“We have discussed suns and catastrophes and of all of their consequences. The suns of Anahuac invite us to reflect, as they are so interesting. Suns of Fire, Air, Water and Earth. They reveal terrible cosmic catastrophes. It has been said that the sons of the first sun, the Protoplasmic race, perished devoured by tigers. Of course, the tigers of wisdom! It is said the sons of the second sun, the Hyperboreans, were destroyed by hurricanes, they refer to the humans that lived around the North Pole. It is affirmed that the sons of the third sun, the Lemurians, perished by the sun of the rain of fire and great earthquakes. The sons of the fourth sun, the Atlanteans, all perished by the waters. The sons of the fifth sun, the Arians, the peoples of this epoch will perish by fire and earthquakes. So it will be and everything will take place in a short time span. The sons of the sixth sun, the Koradhis, in the future Earth, will also perish”.
Samael Aun WeorGnostic Anthropology

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