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Gnosis is immortal wisdom.

“Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” Buddha. (Read More)

the wisdom of the being

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From March 27th to April 2nd, 2017

Practice of the Week


The Mantra OMIS BAUM IGNEOS -Astral projection- (See More).

Previous practice: The Mantra FE UIN DAGJ -Astral projection- (See More).

Online Lecture of the Week

The symbolism of the Dreams
April 2nd, 3:30 pm (MST). Enter

Spanish, March 31st, 8 pm (CST)

Recorded lecture: The Human Machine

Question of the Week

What qualities does the sphinx teach us to pass the trials of the elements? Read More.

What is required to make the sun really and fully get to manifest in us? Read More.

Gnostic Calendar 2017

Calendar 2017: Moon phases, real days, activities of the ICQ.