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Gnosis is the Wisdom of the Being.

"He will easily be content and pacified, whose conscience is pure." Thomas à Kempis. - (Read More)

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From January 15th to 21st 2018

Lecture of the Week

Lecture of the Week

The End of Times
English - Tue. January 16th, 9 PM
Spanish -
Fri. January 19th, 8 PM
English - Spanish (CST/ UTC -6)

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Practice of the Week


Mantras Ma Ma, Pa Pa - for the Clairvoyance Enter

Previous practice: Pratyahara

Question of the Week

What is Tlaloc and where does he live? Read More.

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ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2018

Calendar 2018: Moon phases, real days, activities of the ICQ.