Day 3. Calli (House)


The day of Calli refers to the work of fabricating the home of the BEING, the vehicles for our INTIMATE to manifest, and this is only accomplished through the transmutation of the creative energies.

The Three Factors of the Revolution of Consciousness are the basis for the work of the Gnostic with the end of transcending our egotistical nature. The first factor is BIRTH and there are several cultures who speak of the Second Birth; it is enough with remembering Jesus’ words to Nicodemus. “Birth” looks into the development of the superior existential bodies of the BEING, the creation of a dwelling for the BEING to enable its values to manifest, as what we currently have it nothing other than a shelter for our psychological aggregates.

Ruling God: It also represents femininity and the preservation of life. Those born on this day must take care of not developing lust, being wasteful, and sloth. Calli is represented y a house of high ceilings on the shape of a temple or pyramid. It is a symbol of protection and transformation. (The interior aspect of femininity: home, earth, uterus, tomb). It is ruled by Tepeyollotli, the Lord of Caves and the Night, who some interpreters call “the heart of the hills” that walks into the deep of the volcanoes. It is also ruled by Ocelotl (tiger) and the moon.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex: Towards his back as a precious jewel, virtues, the temple that must be secured.

“The authentic Astral Body, the true Mental Body, and the legitimate Causal Body; these are solar bodies, the existential superior bodies of the Being.”
Samael Aun WeorBuddha Necklace, Chapter VIII

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