Day 12. Malinalli (Herb)


IMalinalli is a symbol of life, of the action of nature, of its intervention with the human being for its internal development.  Nature is not “just there”, it is ruled by superior intelligent principles… each root, each plant, each flower… is endowed with life.

The herb invites to the reflection on those forces of nature that can intervene in our daily living and that can help in the interior work towards self-discovery and self-knowledge.

Regent God:   Represents the constant evolution of Earth.  This twelfth sign shows a specific herb and a specific use made out of it.  In other representations appears as a bundle of green herbs and a skull facing front.  Patecatl, Lord of Pulque (an alcoholic drink derived from herbs) is the regent of this twelfth sign.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex:      It is found on its forehead, symbolizing tenacity.

“In the Etheric region, the Fourth Dimension, we find the elemental creatures of nature, and this we must understand profoundly.  Such creatures are given the name of elementals precisely because they live in the elements.  Be advised my dear friend, that fire is populated by elementals, that air is densely populated by these creatures and that water and earth are also populated by these...”
Samael Aun WeorLooking at the Mystery, Chapter II

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