Day 9. Atl (Water)


Water is a symbol of life.  Within the human being, it is the life-force with the capability to create.  Water represents the creative energies that when wisely put to action or transmuted, can give us the capability to manifest an integral regeneration of our selves.

Just like on planet Earth water is life and without it nothing that is would be, in a similar manner, for the human being “water” is also the creative energy that we must learn to channel.  All allegories in the many books of Genesis show water as an integral element for creation to be manifested.  Similarly, for the integral regeneration of the human being water must be present, and we must pay special attention to the pure waters of life.

Regent God:   It is related with the vital fluid (water) and with blood.  The Borgia Codex does not reflect the typical allegories shown in other Mexican codices and sculptures, as it is not drawn with white disks that represent droplets or shells, but it is rather seen as a representation of yellow disks that at times rest over red disks and that have a similar appearance to the sign of CuitlatlThe God of Fire, Xiuhtechutli, is the regent of this sign.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex:      It is found on the mirror at the top of its head, representing the knowledge of the mind, reached only through the path of self-knowledge.

“The esoteric waters are by themselves the Ens Seminis of the Medieval Alchemists of antiquity, the waters in which we find the Ens Virtutis of Fire.”
Samael Aun Weor Parsifal Unveiled, Chapter II

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