Day 18. Tecpatl (Knife)


The Obsidian knife was always present in all liturgical celebrations of the ancient Mexico.  It is of no doubt this is a symbol of the willpower required to dominate the SELF, the “I”… to eliminate the anger that hurts our beloved ones, the envy that tortures us, to eliminate greed, etc.

We need more than good intentions, we need of actions that result from comprehension, but to reach such a level of Being we need to be capable of making efforts and conscious super-efforts.  It is at this point where THELEMA intervenes, true willpower, represented by the knife of obsidian… just as the crown of thorns represented THELEMA in the cosmic drama of Jesus the Christ.

Regent God:   It is a symbol of the mysticism of Man with the Cosmos, a symbol of profound knowledge, of respect to Nature.  This symbol is at times depicted as a simple leaf of flint.  The Borgia Codex shows the edges of this symbol colored in red.  At times it is also depicted with teeth and a dead eye.  Chalchiuhtotolin (the Hen of Precious Stones, the Turkey) accompanies this symbol.

The Location of the Day in the Borgia Codex:      On his chest, at the height of the heart.  When the weak aspects of the human are eliminated, the heart becomes stronger.

“Arm yourself with willpower like steel, remember beloved reader that without the thorn which pierces or sticks, the spark does not jump, the light does not emerge.  We can return to the Tartarus and up to the light of the Sun but only with THELEMA.  Truly I tell you that only CHRIST-WILL knows how to obey the Father on Earth as it is in Heaven.”
Samael Aun Weor – Esoteric Course of Magic Runes, Chapter XXV.


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