The Jaguar Sun


Ocelot-Tonatiuh (ocelot = Jaguar; Tonatiuh = Sun) also denominated by the date of 4-Tiger:
Nahui Ocelotl (Nahui = 4, Ocelotl = tiger).

It was the first and most remote of the cosmogonic epochs, where the giants that were created by the Gods inhabited the planet. They did not cultivate the Earth and lived in caves collecting roots and fruits, being finally attacked and devoured by jaguars, showing us this human race was able to transcend the four ages through which every human race goes through, namely:

The Age of Gold, when everything belongs to everyone, there is no difference between what belongs to one or the other. The Universal Cosmic Principles reign and there are no psychological defects. It is the very same paradise discussed by many religions. In India this epoch is called Krita Yuga (Krita = Work, Yuga = Epoch) because it is the spring season of each race in which “reigns the truth, Justice is kept firm and no benefits alter the iniquity of men” (Laws of the Manu 1, 81).

The Age of Silver when conditions start becoming less spiritual and beings are more identified with matter, but cosmic principles continue to reign. In India, this epoch is called Treta Yuga or the summer season of the Race.

During the Age of Copper wars start, frontiers and borders are declared, egotism is born, etc. This is the Dwapara Yuga of India or the autumn season of the race.

The final epoch is the Age of Iron or Kali Yuga, the winter season of the race, when there is total degeneration, a true reflection of our condition of existence today.

The human beings of the first race were able to transcend the laws and preserved themselves in the Age of Gold. They were beings full in Wisdom – they were devoured by the tigers of wisdom. They became tigers, warriors, authentic felines of revolutionary psychology. They launched upon themselves, against their own psychological defects.

“The Aztecs state the men of the first race were extraordinary giants of the color black. They were a very civilized race, androgynous, asexual, semi-physical, semi-etheric. These individuals could reduce their size to the size of an actual Arian. Their rituals and wisdom were portentous. Barbarism did not exist back then. This race was devoured by the tigers of wisdom. The regent of this race was the God Tezcatlipoca. Each individual was a Master of Wisdom. Their reproduction was similar to the reproductive system of organic cells by cellular division; in such way, the father-mother organism divided itself in two. The androgynous son sustained itself from its father-mother. This first race lived in the Sacred Island located on the North Pole. Such an island still exists, but in Jinn state within the fourth vertical.”
Samael Aun WeorMayan Mysteries

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