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The seven vowels of Nature: I E O U A M S, resounded long ago in the human organism. When man came out of the “Jinn” Lands, Rhythm and Harmony were lost.

Man should perceive the urgent need for the Seven Vowels of Nature to vibrate once again in his organism, to resound with intensity in the interior boxes of resonance, as well as in each of the Plexus of Chakras of the Astral Body.

Clairvoyance is developed with the Vowel I. Clairaudience is awakened with the Vowel E. The Heart Center, which develops Inspiration, with the Vowel O. The Pulmonary Chakras, which enable us to remember past reincarnations, are awakened with the Vowel A. The Vowels M and S cause all internal centers to vibrate. This vowels wisely combined with certain consonants, form the mantras which make possible the awakening of all the chakras.

Next some series of Mantra are offered to the disciple:


CHIS Clairvoyance: Frontal Chakra

CHES Clairaudience: Larynx Chakra

CHOS Intuition: Heart Chakra

CHUS Telepathy: Solar Plexus

CHAS Memory of Past Lives : Pulmonary Chakras


The vocalization should be done as follows. The sound of each letter is prolonged. The combination CH is considerably abundant in the Hebrew Mantrams and is of immense magical power.

The vocalization of each Mantram causes the vibration of the Magnetic Center, Chakra or Disc, with which ills related. The S is intimately connected to Fire and is vocalized giving it a special intonation: a sharp, hissing sound similar to that made by the compressed air brakes of any machine.

Samael Aun Weor. Logos, Mantra Theurgy.


Chakra: Magnetic center, which once activated it awakes the senses that we’ve lost, because our bad way of living. They are in general, intimately related with the glands.

Mantra: Wise combination of sounds, which have the can produce a positive effect in the human being, in this case, the harmonious development of the chakras.

Jina: This normally refers to the Fourth dimension. We live in a multidimensional world, but our senses only get 3 from the 7 fundamental dimensions.

Clairvoyance: The capacity of seeing the Ultra of Nature.

Clairaudience: The capacity of listening to the Ultra of Nature.

Some images of the Chakras here.

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