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Biography: Samael Aun Weor

Samael Aun Weor


It is not irrelevant to solemnly affirm that was born with an enormous spiritual restlessness; it would be absurd to deny this...

To many it would appear unusual and unbelievable that there are some that can remember the totality of their existence, including their birth. I want to assert that I am one of them.

Very clean and beautifully dressed, I was placed in the maternal bed next to my mother after all the usual natal processes.

A smiling giant approached the sacred bed, and looked at me. He was my father.

It is important to assert clearly now, that in the dawn of existence we walk originally on four legs, then on two and finally on three. Of course the last one is the walking stick used by the old.

I was not in any sense an exception to this general rule. When I was eleven months old I felt the desire to walk; I managed to keep myself upright on my feet.

I still remember that marvelous instant in which, interlocking my hands on my head, I solemnly made the Masonic sign of assistance, "ELAI B NE AL'MANAH''.

And since I have not yet lost the capability to be astonished, I must say that what happened then appeared to me to be marvelous. It is doubtless an extraordinary event, to walk for the first time with the body given to us by Mother Nature.

Calmly I went to the old window from which one could clearly see the people who, here and there, appeared and disappeared in the picturesque old street of my village. My first adventure consisted of holding firmly onto the iron grill in that old window; luckily my father, a very prudent man, anticipating the danger, had put a wire grill in the balustrade so that I would not fall into the street.

How well I remember that old window in that old house! That old house where I took my first steps...

Of course, at that delightful age I enjoyed the charming toys that children like to play with, but this in no way interfered with my meditation practices.

During those first years of life, in which one learns to walk, I used to sit meditating in the oriental style... Then I used to study in a retrospective fashion my past reincarnations, and many persons visited me from the past.

When the ineffable ecstasy concluded and I returned to the normal everyday state, I contemplated with pain the old walls of that paternal house where, in spite of my age, I appeared to be a strange monk.

How small I felt in front of those rough walls! I cried, yes, as children cry...

I used to complain, repeating: "Again, in another physical body! Life is so painful!'' It was at those moments that I used to ask my mother to help me and she said.

"The child is hungry, or thirsty'', etc., etc. I have never been able to forget those moments in which I used to run happily along the lonely corridors of my house... The most unusual cases of Transcendental Metaphysics started to happen to me at that time: my father was calling me standing at the door of his bedroom, I saw him in his night clothes, and when I tried to approach him he disappeared into some unknown dimension...

However, I must confess that this type of psychic phenomenon was quite well known to me. I simply came into his bedroom and after verifying directly that his physical body was asleep in the perfumed mahogany bed, I said to myself, "Ah! The soul of my father is outside because his physical body is asleep at this time.''

Silent movies were starting to make an appearance at that time, and people used to meet at the public square at night to entertain themselves watching movies in the fresh air on a rudimentary screen, a sheet stretched taught and nailed between two sticks kept at the right distance...

At home, I had a very different movie house, I used to shut myself up in a dark room and fix my gaze on the wall. After a few moments of spontaneous and pure concentration, the wall became illuminated as if it were a multidimensional screen, while the details of the wall itself disappeared totally; from the infinite space appeared living landscapes of Great Nature, playful gnomes, sylphs from the air, salamanders of fire, spirits from the water, nereids from the immense sea, happy creatures that played with me, infinitely happy beings.

My movie house was not silent, and it did not need Rudolph Valentino or the famous White Kitten of the old days. My movies had sound, and all the creatures that appeared on my special screen sang or spoke in the pure, divine, original language that like a golden river runs under the forest filled with sun.

Later on, as my family multiplied, I invited my innocent brothers and sisters, and they shared with me this incomparable happiness, watching the astral figures on the extraordinary wall of my dark room...

I have always been a Sun worshipper, and at dawn as well as at the nightfall I used to climb onto the roof of my house (in those times balconies did not exist), and sitting down on the baked-mud tiles in the oriental manner as a child yogi, I contemplated the Sun King in a state of ecstasy, falling into a deep meditation. My noble mother suffered many scares when she saw me walk around on the roof...

Whenever my elderly father opened the old door of the wardrobe, I felt as if he was going to give me that strange purple jacket which displayed golden buttons...

That was an old garment which used to be worn by old knights, and which I have worn in my ancient incarnation in which I was called Simeón Bleler. Sometimes I imagined that in that old wardrobe one could find sabres and foils from the olden times.

I do not know whether my father understood me; I thought that perhaps he could obtain some of these objects from a past existence for me. The old man would look at me, and instead of such garments he would give me a cart to play with: a toy from the innocent happiness of my childhood.


Having been raised with good manners, I must say that I was educated in the official religion of my people.

I always found it unacceptable to play about in the back rows while the liturgical services were taking place... Since my childhood I have possessed a sense of veneration and respect. I never shrugged my shoulders in the middle of a service; I never tried to get out of performing my sacred duties, or laughed, or tried to mock the holy things.

Without wanting to entangle myself among thorns and brambles, I will only say that in a particular mystical sect ---its name is not important---I found some religious principles that are common to all confessional religions in the world. It is convenient to summarize these principles, for the good of the Great Cause.


We find them in every confessional religion, even if they have different names; however, there are always nine of them, as affirmed with such accuracy by the Florentine Dante in his classic poem "The Divine Comedy''.

1. Heaven of the Moon (astral world)

2. Heaven of Mercury (mental world)

3. Heaven of Venus (causal world)

4. Heaven of the Sun (buddhic or intuitional world)

5. Heaven of Mars (atmic world, Region of Atman)

6. Heaven of Jupiter (Nirvana)

7. Heaven of Saturn (paranirvanic world)

8. Heaven of Uranus (mahaparanirvanic world)

9. Heaven of Neptune (Empyrean)

These heavens are also inside ourselves, here and now, and they interpenetrate without confusion.

It is obvious that these nine heavens are located in nine superior dimensions; we are talking, of course, about nine parallel universes.


In this Christmas Message of 1972-1973 it is appropriate to remember the various religious hells...

Let us remember with a solemn feeling, the multiple prehistorical and historical hells.

Everywhere we can find remembrances of hells which are Chinese, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, etc., etc.

It obviously follows that all of these diverse hells are a symbol of the submerged mineral kingdom...

Clearly Dante, the marvelous disciple of Virgil, the poet of Mantua, discovered with mystical surprise the intimate relationship that exists between the nine Dantesque circles and the nine heavens...

The "Bardo Thodol'', the Tibetan book of the spirits of the other world, stands out, magnificent, in front of our eyes, allowing us to see the harsh reality of the infernal worlds inside the planetary organism in which we live.

It is certain that the nine Dantesque circles inside the Earth correspond scientifically to the nine infradimensions submerged under the three-dimensional region of Euclid. The cosmic existence of the infernal worlds in every world of infinite space is clear and unmistakable.

Obviously the existence of the mineral submerged kingdom is not an exception in the case of planet Earth.


The whole of the Cosmos is directed, invigilated and animated by a nearly never ending series of hierarchies of conscious beings; each one of them has a mission to carry out, they are Messengers (known by any of a set of various names: Dhyan- Chohans, Angels, Devas, etc.) only in the sense that they are agents of the karmic and cosmic laws. They vary enormously in their respective degrees of consciousness and intelligence, and they are all perfect Men in the most complete sense of the word.

The Divine Love is characterized by multiple angelical services. Each Elohim works at his specialty. We can and should appeal to the angelical protection.


Every religion is a precious pearl set in the golden thread of the Divinity.

The love that all mystical institutions of the world feel for the divine is manifest: Allah, Brahma, Tao, Zen, I.A.O., INRI, God, etc., etc.

Religious Esotericism does not teach any manner of atheism, other than in the sense implied by the Sanskrit word "nastika'': there is to be no acceptance of idols, including the anthropomorphic God of the ignorant (it would be absurd to believe in a celestial dictator, sitting up there on his throne of tyranny, throwing lightning and rays against this sad human anthill).

Esotericism admits a Logos or collective Creator of the Universe, an architect Demiurge.

It is unquestionable that this Demiurge is not a personal deity as many wrongly suppose, but only the collectives of the Dhyan Chohans, Angels, Archangels and the rest of the forces.

“God is Gods”. It is written in characters of fire in the glittering Book of Life, that God is the Army of the Voice, the Great Word, the Logos.

"In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.''

"All things were made by Him and without Him nothing of that which was made would have been made.''

It is obvious that an authentic Man who actually achieves perfection joins the current of sound, the celestial militia constituted by the Buddhas of Compassion, Angels, Planetary Spirits, Elohim, Rishi-Prajapatis, etc., etc.

We have been told emphatically that the Logos makes a sound, and this is obvious. The Demiurge, the Logos, is a perfect multiple unity.

Whoever worships the Gods, whoever surrenders worship onto them is more capable of capturing in a better way the deep significance of the various divine aspects of the architect Demiurge.

When humanity began to mock the Holy Gods, then it fell mortally wounded into the coarse materialism of this Iron Age.


We can and must radically eliminate every subjective psychic aggregate of a dark and perverse nature from within ourselves; however, it is unquestionable that we would never be able to dissolve within ourselves the shadow of the intimate Logos.

It is clear and evident that Lucifer is the antithesis of the Creator Demiurge, its living shadow projected into the profound depths of microcosm man.

Lucifer is the Guardian of the Door and the Keys to the Sanctuary, so that only those that have been anointed and hold the Secret of Hermes can enter it.

Since we have just written this name, so hateful for the pious ears of common people, it is necessary to clarify the fact that the esoteric Lucifer of the Archaic Doctrine is the opposite to what the theologians, such as the famous Demouss-Eaux and the Marquis of Mirville, mistakenly suppose, since he is an allegory of righteousness, symbol of the highest sacrifice (Christos-Lucifer) of the Gnostics and the god of Wisdom under an infinite number of names.

Light and shadow, mysterious symbiosis of the Solar Word, multiple perfect unity, INRI is Lucifer.


Those divine Logoi that committed the unforgivable error of falling into animal generation when reincarnated in human bodies, are depicted in the various religious theologies as if they had been punished.

These dark genies are the fallen Angels, authentic Demons in the most complete sense of the word.

It is absurd to affirm that these rebels would have given the mind to man; it is obvious that these Angels are truly cosmic failures.

It is appropriate now to remember the inhuman names of Andrameleck, Belial, Moloch, Bael, etc., whose horrendous abominations can be studied by any adept of the White Lodge in the akashic records belonging to Nature.

Let us distinguish between an esoteric fall and a descent. It is evident that these rebel Angels did not descend, they fell, and this is different.


Being knowledgeable in Universal History, we are aware that the Orco of the classical Greeks and Romans is actually the Limbo of the Christian esotericists.

We emphasize here the transcendental idea that the Limbo is the antechamber room for the infernal worlds...

All caves that are known now, or are to be known in the future, form a vast and uninterrupted network that embraces the whole of the planet Earth, constituting the Orco of the classics---as we indicated some lines above---, the authentic Limbo of Gnostic esotericism... the other world; that is, the place where we live after death.

That terrible mystical allegory that says, "Those innocent children that died without having received the Waters of Baptism live here'', corresponds to the Limbo.

In Gnostic esotericism these Waters give rise to a genesis, and constitute the "Ens Seminis'', the essence of the semen, as indicated by Paracelsus.

The sacramental baptism of the various religious rites symbolizes the Sex-Yoga, the Maithuna, the Sexual Magic. The key to salvation can be found in the marrow and in the semen, and everything that does not follow this path is certainly a waste of time.

Innocent children are those saints that did not work with the spermatic waters of the first instant, virtuous people who thought it possible to achieve the intimate self-realization of the Being without fulfilling the commitment of the Sacrament of Baptism; they did not know Sexual Magic, or, emphatically, they rejected it.

Only Mercury, the lord and summoner of souls, holding the Caduceus of Knowledge, can call again to life these unhappy innocent creatures precipitated into the Orco.

Only him, the Arch-Magician and Hierophant could cause them to be reborn in a propitious environment, for the fruitful and creative work in the Forge of the Cyclops.

This is the way in which Mercury, the Harbinger and Sun Wolf, causes the souls of Limbo to join the celestial militias...


Let us define Purgatory in the following manner: molecular inferior region, zone of sub-lunar type, submerged astral (secondary Kamaloka).

In the purgatorial world we must incinerate the seeds of evil, annihilate the infrahuman larvae of all kinds, purge ourselves of corruption, and radically purify ourselves.

When writing about Purgatory, Dante Alighieri says:

"We advanced until we reached a place which at first had appeared to be merely a gap, like a breach dividing a wall, and I saw a gate, towards which it was possible to climb by three steps of different colors, and a warder that as yet spoke not a single word.

As I looked at him more intently, I saw that he was seated on the uppermost step; his face was so bright that I could not fix my sight on him. He had in his hand a naked sword, which so reflected its rays towards us that it was in vain that I tried to look at it.

---Say from there, what do you want? ---He started to say---Where is your escort? Take care that your arrival is not ill fated.

---A Heavenly Lady, who knows about these things---my Master replied--- has told us not long ago: Go there, that is the gate.

Happily she guides your path---replied the courteous warder. Come forward, then, and mount our steps. We came forward. The first step was made of white marble, so polished and solid that I could see my reflection on it. The second, darker than turquoise, was made of blackened rough stone, split through its length and breadth. The third, standing above the rest, appeared to be made of a porphyry as red as the blood that flows along the veins. The Angel of God rested both his feet on this step, and was seated on the lintel, which appeared to be made of diamonds. My guide led me willingly along the three steps, saying, "Ask with humility to withdraw the bolt.'' Devoutly, I knelt before the holy feet. I struck my chest three times, and then I asked him to open up, for the sake of mercy. He traced seven times on my forehead with the point of his Sword the letter "P'', and said, "Try to wash away these wounds once you are inside.''

Immediately he got from under his garment, which was the color of ash or of the dry earth, two keys, one of which was made of gold, the other of silver. First with the white one and then with the yellow one, he did on the door what I wished.

"When one of these keys fails and does not turn rightly in the lock ---he told us--- the entrance does not open. One of them is more precious, but the other requires more art and intelligence before opening up because it is the one that moves the spring.

Peter gave them to me, warning me that it was preferable to err in opening rather that to keep it locked, provided that the sinners kneel at my feet.'' Afterwards, he pushed the door towards the sacred enclosure, saying: "Come in, but I must warn you that anyone who looks backwards returns outside.''

Then the pivots of the sacred door---metallic, strong, sonorous--- turned in their hinges, the Tarpeian roared not so loud, nor showed itself so stubborn when the god Metellus was taken from it so that it was left bare. I heard a sound, and it appeared that I could hear voices that sang accompanied by some sweet melodies: "Te Deum laudamos''.

What I could hear gave me the same impression one sometimes get when people are singing with an organ, and the words are now distinguished, now lost. (The Divine Comedy'' by Dante, Purgatory, Canto IX)


Mary, or better RAM-IO, is the same Isis, Juno, Demeter, Ceres, Maia, the Divine Cosmic Mother, the serpentine power that underlies the living base of all organic and inorganic matter.


Without any doubt, the beautiful Magdalene is the same Salambo, Matra, Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite and Venus.

The solar aura of the reformed Magdalene consists of all priestess-wives in the world.

Blessed are the men that find refuge in this aura, because they will have the Heavenly Kingdom.


Among the Persians, Christ is Ormuz, Ahura-Mazda, the antithesis of Ahariman (Satan).

In the sacred land of the Vedas, Christ is Vishnu, the Second Logos, the sublime emanation of Brahma, the First Logos.

The Hindustanic Jesus is the avatar Krishna. The Gospel of this Master is similar to that of the Divine Rabbi from Galilee.

Amongst the ancient Chinese, Fu-Hi is the Cosmic Christ, who wrote the famous "IChing'', the book of laws, and who appointed Dragons as ministers for the benefit of humanity. In the sunny country of Kem, in the land of the Pharaohs, Christ is in fact Osiris, and whoever incarnated Him became, therefore, Osirified. Quetzalcoatl, the white God, is the Mexican Christ, and lives now in distant Tule.


It is urgent to understand the actual nature of the immaculate conceptions. These abound in all the ancient cults. Fu-Hi, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha and many others, are the results of immaculate conceptions. The Sacred Fire fecundates the Waters of Life so that the Master is born within us.

Every angel is certainly the son of the Divine Mother Kundalini; she is actually a virgin before, during and after childbirth. We can assert the following in a solemn manner: The Husband of Devi Kundalini, our own Cosmic Mother, is the Third Logos, the Holy Ghost, Shiva the first-born of Creation, our intimate Monad, individual or better said, super individual Monad.


I was still a boy of twelve springs when I, with someone else who was eagerly investigating the mysteries of the worlds beyond, decided to inquire and investigate the disturbing subject of spiritualism.

With the tenacity of a monk working in his cell I studied a large number of metaphysical works, by authors such as Luis Zea Uribe, Camille Flammarion, Kardek, Leon Denis, Cesare Lombroso, etc.

The first work of a series by Kardek appeared to be very interesting, but I had to read it three times so that I could understand it in its entirety.

I became a library mouse. I must confess that I developed a passion for "The Book of the Spirits''; afterwards I continued reading many other volumes full of interesting material.

With my mind closed firmly against anything other than this study, I used to shut myself up in my home or in the public library with an evident desire to search for the Secret Path.

Without pretending to be a renowned scholar in these matters, I intend now to show the results of my researches concerning spiritualism.


Passive, receptive subjects that transfer their own matter, their own bodies, to the metaphysical ghosts from beyond the grave.

It is unquestionable that the karma associated with mediums is epilepsy. Clearly people who suffer from epilepsy were mediums in their previous lives.


1. A certain lady, whose name I will not mention, constantly saw the ghost of a dead woman. This spirit whispered many things to her.

This lady fell into a trance during a solemn spiritualist séance. The ghost directed the lady to dig in a definite place in the house, because there---it said to her---she would find a large treasure.

The directions given by the ghost were followed, but unfortunately no treasure was found.

It is unquestionable that this fortune was only a mental projection of the subjective psyche of those present. It is obvious that these people were at heart very greedy.

2. Far away in time and distance, very distant from my beloved Mexican country, I had to go into the state of Zulia, in Venezuela, South America.

I was a guest of my host at his country home, and I must assert that during that time I was eyewitness to an unusual metaphysical occurrence.

It is convenient to tell my readers now that my host was, without any doubt, a very humble person, of the colored race. It is unquestionable that this good man, though very generous with the needy, spent much on great banquets.

It was impossible for this good man to live in a hotel amid educated people, or to feel resentful towards somebody with any motive whatsoever. He certainly preferred to devote himself to his task, the hard misfortunes of daily work.

This gentleman appeared to have the gift of ubiquity, since he was seen all over the place, here, there, everywhere.

One of the many evenings I spent with him, he invited me with much secrecy to a spiritualist séance. I did not want to refuse such a kind invitation.

We were seated around a three-legged table, three persons together under the roof of the old country house.

My host, filled with immense veneration, opened a small box that he always took with him on his travels and from it extracted a native skull.

Later on he recited some beautiful prayers and called out loudly for the ghost of this mysterious skull.

It was midnight; the sky was overcast with black, sinister clouds, which were outlined against the tropical horizon. It was raining, and the region was badly shaken by thunder and lighting.

Strange knocks were felt from the inside of the box, and then, defying the law of gravity, mocking the old texts of physics, the table raised up from the floor. Then most sensational thing happened: the ghost that had been called materialized in the room and passed next to me.

At the end, the table leaned towards me, and the skull, that was on the table, came to rest in my arms.

"Enough!" cried out my host.

"The storm is very intense, and under these conditions such invocations are very dangerous''. At that precise moment a terrifying burst of lightning made the face of the conjurer turn pale.

3. Wandering about one of those old alleys one day in the Ciudad de Mexico D.F. moved by a strange curiosity, I managed, with some other people, to enter an old house where a spiritualist center operated.

There was an exquisite drawing room of great refinement and with many delicate, emotional and important people.

In a respectful manner I sat down in front of the stage; I was determined not to take any risks.

My purpose in going into this place was certainly not to get imbued with the spiritualist doctrines, or even less to have commerce with evil, pretending friendliness and false piety.

I only wanted to take some notes of all the details, trying to show flexible understanding and common sense.

It is not part of the spiritualist mentality to practice public speaking.

The sacred brotherhood of the mystery waited with longing for mystical voices and words from beyond the grave.

A gentleman of some age fell into a trance independently of the others and started to convulse as if he were having an epileptic fit; he then mounted the stage, occupied the platform and started to speak.

"Here, among you, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ'', the poor possessed soul announced in a loud voice.

During those terrible instants the stage---decorated with flowers and candles--- started to shake horribly, and all those devoted people fell prostrate to the ground.

Without wishing to disturb anybody in the performance of his or her duties, I started calmly to study the medium by means of my sixth sense.

Full of anguish, I was able to verify with certainty the crude reality of that unusual metaphysical event. Obviously it was a sinister impostor of the left-hand path who exploited the credulity of these people by pretending to be Jesus Christ.

I saw with my clairvoyant powers a black sorcerer dressed in a tunic as red as blood.

The grim ghost inhabiting the physical body of the medium tried to speak in a Christian tone of voice when giving advice to the people in the audience so that these fanatics did not find him out.

At the end of this horrible séance I left the place with a strong wish to never go back.

4. It is romantic to live with your family, and work in peace and quiet, as if by magic, on your own land.

Sometimes, however, it is impossible to avoid taking risks, if it is with the objective of obtaining all the possible good for others.

Bounded by many intellectual walls, my desire was to acquire wisdom, and for this purpose I traveled when very young to many places of the world.

Far away in time and distance, in the distant remoteness of a South-American region known by the typical name of Quindío, I, being very flexible with understanding, had the opportunity to meet a spiritualist medium working as a blacksmith.

Without getting involved in discussions of any kind, the workman worked placidly in his red forge.

He was a strange spiritualist, a mystical lord with a bronzed figure, an athletic monk.

Good Heavens! I saw him in a sinister mediumistic trance, possessed by Beelzebub, Prince of all Demons.

I still remember those dark words with which the power of darkness closed the session:

"Bel tengo mental la petra i que a él le andube sedra, vao genizar le des''. Then he signed: Beelzebub. Blacksmith, paradoxical hermit. The day following the spiritualist meeting of the lefthand-path I found him very contrite, and he swore in the name of the living God that he would never again lend his body to the hideous being of darkness.

I used to see him sometimes at his forge consulting in a very sincere manner the spiritualist prayer book of Kardek.

Later on, full of mystical enthusiasm, he invited me to many exhaustive séances, in which, with infinite longing, he called forth Juan Hurtado "the Senior''.

Without exaggerating, and for the good of my beloved readers, I must assert that this ghost, speaking through the medium, boasted of being able to manifest himself through one hundred and fifty mediums at the same time.

It is certainly normal to conclude with a speech (to someone) in rhyming words. However, at the time it appeared to me astounding to be able to pluralize himself into one hundred and fifty simultaneous, different discourses.

It is unquestionable that at that time of my life I still had not analyzed the subject of the plurality of the Ego, of the Myself.


Without wishing to overextend myself by deviating from my main subject in any way, I wish to emphasize very sincerely those matters, which I have experienced in a direct way.

The Ego mentioned above totally lacks any qualities, which are divine, self-exalting and dignified.

Let us be allowed to disagree with those who presuppose the existence of two Egos: one of a superior type, one of an inferior class.

We can certainly certify without any inconsistency the tremendous fact that for each person there is only one Ego, pluralized and terribly perverse.

This deep conviction is based on the experience lived by the author of this Esoteric Treatise.

In no way we need to publish immature ideas. We would never make the awful mistake of asserting absurd utopian propositions.

Our assertion has a copious documentation in every sacred text of ancient times.

As a living example of our assertion, we can remember the bloody battles of Arjuna against his beloved relatives (the Egos) in the "Bhagavad Gita'' (The Song of the Lord).

It should be clear that these subjective, psychic aggregates evidently personify the entire set of psychological defects which all of us carry inside.

Rigorous experimental psychology indicates that the Consciousness is bottled up inside these subjective Egos.

What continues beyond the grave therefore is the Ego, a pile of Egos -Devils, the psychical aggregates.

The identification of such psychical aggregates in spiritualist centers is obvious and evident.

It is notoriously evident that these Egos-Devils, because of their multiplicity, can enter into many mediumistic bodies---as in the case of Juan Hurtado, "the Senior''---in order to achieve manifestation.

From a state of ecstasy, any Master of the Shamadhi would be able to give clear evidence of the following: those who manifest themselves through spiritualist mediums are certainly not the souls nor the spirits of the dead, but their Egos-Devils, the psychical aggregates which continue beyond the grave.

We have been told with much emphasis that during the post--mortem state mediums continue being possessed by the devil, or by some devils. It is unquestionable that after some time they end up divorcing themselves from their own Divine Being; then they join the submerged involution of the infernal worlds.


Without being involved in any way in delicate and many-sided matters of a philosophical and metaphysical type, I must confess frankly and with utmost sincerity that I had not yet arrived at the sixteen springs of my present existence, when I was involved in many important and interesting matters.

With infinite eagerness I decided to analyze in detail the problems of the spirit under the light of modern science.

I was very interested then in the scientific experiments of the English physicist William Crookes, eminent discoverer of the radiant state of matter and of thallium, illustrious member of the Royal Society of Great Britain.

In my opinion, the materialization of the ghost of Katie King actually in the laboratory were sensational; this subject was studied by Crookes in his "Measurement of psychic forces''.

Many sacred subjects from antiquity appeared to me as excellent, exceptional and marvelous, such as the Snake of Paradise, the ass of Balaam, the words of the Sphinx, the mysterious dawn voices of the statues of Mennon, the terrible Mene- Tecel-Phares of the feast of Balthasar; the Seraphim of Theran, the father of Abraham; the Oracles of Delphi; the Betilos or talking stones of Destiny, the oscillatory, magic menhirs of the druids; the enigmatic voices of all the necromantic bloody sacrifices, the authentic origin of the whole of classic tragedy, whose indiscreet revelations in Prometheous, the Choephoroe and the Eumenides cost his life to the Initiate Aeschylus; the words of Tiresias, the soothsayer evoked by Ulysses in "The Odyssey'', at the edge of the hole filled with the blood of the propitiatory black lamb; the secret voices that Alaric heard ordering him to destroy sinful Rome, and those that the maid of Orleans heard so that she would destroy the English, etc., etc.

Having been taught good manners by my parents, and without trying great oratory feats when engaging in public speaking, I was giving lectures to the Theosophical Society at the age of seventeen years.

I received the theosophist diploma from Jinarajadasa, illustrious president of that august Society, whom at that time I knew personally.

Being quite sure of my temperament, I then became well informed concerning the strange, mysterious knocks in Rochester, the classical psychical phenomena at the farm belonging to the Eddy family, where the Theosophical Society was born; I had accumulated much data related to the evocative tripods of the Pitonisas of ancient times, I knew about haunted houses and of post-mortem apparitions and was well acquainted with all telepathic phenomena.

Unquestionably, having so much metaphysical data in my poor, overstretched mind, I had become a very demanding scholar. However, I sincerely wished to give shape to my heart by means of the good theosophical criteria, and I had a real feast with the works I found in the rich library.

With mystical surprise, I found an inexhaustible spring of Divine Knowledge in the pages of "The Secret Doctrine'', the extraordinary work of the Venerable Great Master Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the sublime martyr of the XIX century.

Let us consider now the following interesting notes:

"1885. In his diary, Colonel Olcott notes on the 9th of January. H.P.B. has received from Master M. the plan for her "Secret Doctrine''. It is excellent. Oakley and I tried to draw up such a plan last night, but this one is much better.

The machinations by the couple Coulomb hastened the departure of H.P.B. from Adyar, and she arrived in Europe in March, carrying the precious manuscript. "When I was getting ready to board the ship, Subba Row advised me to write "The Secret Doctrine'', and that every week he should receive what I had written. I promised this, and I will indeed do it...since he will add notes and commentaries, and then the Theosophical Society will publish it.''

During that year, the Master K.H. wrote: "When "The Secret Doctrine ''is ready, it will be a joint production by M., Upasika and I.''

It is evident that these notes draw us to meditation. However, it is clear that the Venerable Master interpreted the Teachings, adapting them for our times.

Once finished with the theoretical studies of a theosophical type, I intensively practiced Raya-Yoga, Bhakti, Jnana-Yoga, Karma-Yoga, etc., etc., etc. I obtained multiple psychical benefits from the practical yoga commended by this venerable institution.

Since the most worthy Master H.P.B. always considered the Hatha-Yoga as something inferior, I wish to assert that I was never interested in this branch of the Hindustani yoga.

Much later, I was invited to a great assembly of the venerable Great White Lodge, where Hatha-Yoga was proclaimed as Black Magic.


I was already in the eighteenth spring of my adolescence, in my present reincarnation, when I had the great honor of becoming a member of the Ancient Rosicrucian School. This worthy institution was fortunately founded by the great Dr Arnoldo Krumm-Heller, doctor-colonel of the glorious mexican army, illustrious veteran of the Mexican Revolution, distinguished professor of the Medical University in Berlin, Germany; notable scientist, extraordinary polyglot.

I turned up at the "Aula Lucis'', then presided over by an illustrious gentleman of great intelligence; I will confess that, being a head-strong lad, I started arguing and showing some arrogance, but I finished studying. What seemed best for me was to go and sit near the wall, at the corner of the classroom, enraptured in ecstasy.

Needless to say that, even when I was steeped into many intricate theories of vast content, I yearned with infinite longing to find my old way, the Path of the Razor's Edge.

Carefully excluding any feelings of pseudo-piety and any insubstantial wordiness, I definitely decided to combine theory and practice.

Without prostituting my intelligence for gold, I truly preferred to prostrate myself, full of humility, in the presence of the Demiurge Creator of the Universe.

I found a rich and inexhaustible source of exquisite splendors in the magnificent works of Krumm Heller, Hartman, Eliphas Levi, Steiner, Max Heindel, etc., etc., etc.

Without boasting, I declare seriously, sincerely and emphatically that during that period of my life I studied in an orderly fashion the whole of the Rosicrucian library.

With infinite yearning, I searched along the road for a traveler possessing a precious balsam to heal my aching heart. I suffered dreadfully, and cried out in my loneliness invoking the Holy Masters of the Great White Lodge.

The great Kabir Jesus said, "Knock and it shall be opened unto you, ask and it shall be given you, search and you shall find.'' In the name of that which is Real, I declare the following: according to the teachings of the Christian Gospel, I asked and it was given to me, I searched and did find, I knocked and it was opened.

When dealing with such long and complex studies as those of the Rosicrucians, it is unquestionable that there is no way in which all the topics could be contained in the narrow frame of the present chapter; therefore I will only synthesize and draw some conclusions.

FRONTAL CHAKRA. It is developed by the intonation of the vowel I, as follows: iiiiiiii. Faculty: Clairvoyance.

LARYNGEAL CHAKRA. It is developed by singing the vowel E, as follows: eeeeeeee. Faculty: Magic Hearing.

CARDIAC CHAKRA. It is developed by vocalizing the letter O, as follows: oooooooo. Faculties: Intuition, inspiration, astral projection, etc., etc.

UMBILICAL CHAKRA. It is developed by singing the vowel U, as follows: uuuuuuuu. Faculties: Telepathy.

PULMONARY CHAKRA. These are developed by singing the letter A, as follows: aaaaaaaa. Faculty: Remembrance of past existences.

I.E.O.U.A. is the order of the vowels. All mantras are formed with these letters.

Dr Krumm Heller used to say that an hour of daily vocalization was better than reading a million books on pseudoesotericism and pseudooccultism.

I used to inhale with supreme ardor the Christic Prana, the vital breath of the mountains, and then exhaled slowly, making the corresponding vowel resonate.

For the sake of clarity, I shall indicate that each vowel was preceded by an inhalation, and that it resonated only at the exhalation. It is obvious that I inhaled by the nostrils and exhaled by the mouth.


All my astral chakras or magnetic centres intensified their vibratory activity rotating positively from left to right like the hands of a clock observed from the front, and not from its side.


Using a fair amount of didactics, the professor taught us a certain marvelous retrospective exercise. He advised us never to move in bed at the exact instant of awakening, explaining to us that with such a movement the astral body is agitated, and the recollections are lost.

It is unquestionable that during the hours of sleep the human soul travels outside the physical body; it is important not to forget our intimate experiences when returning to the body.

He suggested to us to practice a retrospective exercise at that precise moment with the aim of remembering facts, occurrences and places visited during dreams.


I solemnly declare that such a psychical exercise had astonishing results, because my recollections became more vivid, intense and deep.


According to the instructions of the professor, I used to sit every day, preferably at dawn, on a comfortable armchair with the face towards the east.

I imagined then in an extraordinary manner a gigantic golden cross, with the King Star as its basic centre, which cast divine rays from the east of the world that penetrated into my solar plexus after traveling the infinite space.

I was delighted when I combined this exercise with the mantric intonation of the vowel U, prolonging the sound, as it should be done: UUUUUUUUUU.


A result was the awakening of my telepathic eye (located as mentioned above in the region of the navel), and I became exquisitely hypersensitive.

Since this magnetic chakra has amazing capabilities such as the attraction and accumulation of the radiant energy of the solar globe, it is obvious that for this reason my lotus flowers or astral wheels could receive higher electromagnetic charges that intensified further the vibrating radioactivity.

It is appropriate to remind the reader at this moment that the solar plexus supplies all chakras of the human organism with solar radiations.

I can assert emphatically and solemnly that each of my astral chakras developed in an extraordinary manner, thus intensifying my clairvoyant and clairaudient perceptions, etc., etc., etc.


Just before I left this worthy institution, the professor said, "None of those present here should dare to characterize himself as a Rosicrucian, because all of us are nothing but simple, ordinary candidates to become Rosicrucians''.

And then he added with great solemnity, "A Buddha, a Jesus, a Moria, a K.H., etc., etc., etc., is a Rosicrucian''.


Bounded by intellectual walls, fed up with so many complicated and difficult theories, I made up my mind to travel towards the tropical coast of the Caribbean Sea...

Over there, far away, seated under the sparse shadow of a lonely tree like a hermit of times past, I decided to bury all this difficult retinue of useless rationalism...

With a blank mind, starting from radical zero, sunk in deep meditation, I searched inside myself for the Secret Master....

Without hesitation, I shall confess with sincerity that I took very seriously that sentence from the Gospel of Ancient Wisdom that says, to the letter: "Before the false dawn appeared over the Earth, those that survived the hurricane and the storm praised the Intimate, and the heralds of the Dawn arose in front of them''.

Obviously I was searching for the Intimate, I adored it in the secret of the meditation, worshipping him...

I knew that I would find it inside myself, in the unknown depths of my soul. And I did not have to wait long for the results...

Later on, I had to leave that sandy beach to take refuge in other countries, other places...

However, no matter where I was I continued my practices of meditation. Lying in bed or on the hard floor, I arranged myself in the shape of a burning star---legs and arms open at right and left---with the body totally relaxed...

I closed my eyes so that nothing in the world could distract me. Then I became intoxicated with the wine of meditation in the glass of perfect concentration.

Unquestionably, as I intensified my practices, I felt that I had really got nearer to the Intimate...

The vanities of the world did not interest me, knowing full well that everything in this valley of tears is transitory...

The Intimate and its secret, instantaneous answers were the only things that really concerned me...

There are extraordinary cosmic festivals that can never be forgotten, this is well known by the divines and the humans...

At this moment when I am writing these lines the pleasant dawn of a happy day comes to my memory...

From the interior garden of my home, outside the planetary body, kneeling humbly down, crying out with a great voice, I called the Intimate...

The Blessed One crossed over the threshold of my mansion. I saw him come to me in triumphal progress...

Dressed in precious zephyr and a white ineffable tunic, the Adorable came to me; I contemplated him happily...

The crown of the Hierophants glittered splendidly in his heavenly head, his body was made out of happiness...

Those valuable jewels mentioned in The Apocalypse of St John shone beautifully in his right hand...

The Lord gripped strongly the Wand of Mercury, the sceptre of the kings, the baton of the patriarchs...

The Lord of Perfections took me then to the planet Venus, very far from the bitterness of this world...

In this way I approached the Intimate by the secret path of internal deep meditation. Now I speak because...