Course of Kabbalah


Kabbalah is the science of Numbers, all the sacred books are full of profound teachings in a symbolic form, Numerology offers you the possibility of to know their teachings deeply.

Moreover the dreams could not be understood if besides of other rules, we don't use the Kabbalah.

Our birth date, the sum of the letters of our name, mark tendencies in our life and indicate what we would do in order to doing better.

Addressed to: It is addressed to everyone, no matter their social status, culture, age, academic preparation, sex, religion, etc.

Objective: to apply in our daily life the knowledge of Kabbalah, to easily interpret the sacred books and the revelations that we get in our dreams.

Cost:  No cost, it’s absolutely FREE.

Dynamics:  The Course has 3 lessons. Every lesson is sent progressively.  We suggest you study and meditate it immediately.  Once finished, just answer a simple questionnaire of 4 questions and send back your comments with any possible doubt.  Once received, we’ll send you the next lesson, with the responses to your doubts; thus the Course is customized.  An Instructor of Gnosis will attend your needs always.

The Knowledge is based in 4 basic Pillars: Science, Art, Philosophy and Transcendental Mysticism.

Fulfill the next formulary and we gladly will send you the requested Course.

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