The Kabbalah


The science of Numbers

¨ The Universe is created with the Law of Number, Measure and Weight; Mathematics form the Universe, and Numbers happen to be living entities……..¨ SAW


The Cabbala of the Year

  There exist certain special years designated throughout our entire lives, get to know to discover these and then be ready to gain the best of these years.

Inner Urgency

  The Inner urge is a number which rules our personality It is said as the ¨zodiacal Sign¨ although this point It’s a numerical kind. Find out the number that rules your life.                                                                      

Tendency of the day

  The Tendency of the day it’s a number which reveals Psychological aspects, emotional, etc. that we must have in order to success in a specific day.                                          

The meaning of numbers

To study the meaning of the 22 basic numbers and shall give us the opportunity of decipher dreams, the sacred books of the world and the link of numbers to our life. etc.

Fundamental Tendency

The fundamental Tendency it’s a number which guides you how you should perform in life to be successful in it. It’s an inside work to do for upgrade in every way.

The Event of the Day

The Event of the Day makes you aware of how you do in such time of the month and year of an special event.

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What is Cabbala?

Cabbala vanishes in the night of the centuries, there where the Universe gestated in the womb of Maha Kundalini The Great Mother. Cabbala is the Science of numbers.

For what purpose is to study Cabbala?

They mostly use Cabbala as language in the profound dimensions within, this is about adding in Cabbalistic numbers, for instance, if you asked a Master the question of how long will you live; he’ll surely answer you in numbers.

The purpose of Cabbala is to enable us in the superior worlds. As once an Initiated asked for Clairvoyance, then he got an internal reply of: “it will be done in 8 days ’’

To whom may misunderstand, return to the body believing that as if today is Wednesday he shall become a visionary in 8 days, next Wednesday. Actually ‘8’ it’s the number of Job, what it really meant was that he must be patient, those whom ignore it, may get confused about the dimensions within, basically Cabbala is for understanding the language of these worlds within.

Obviously the Cabbala studies must get along with the work on oneself, and must have conscience of such studies, if they remain intellectually only, in death fade away, but if gained consciously, they will show in childhood.

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