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Development of the Clair-Audience (Super-natural hearing sense).


Vishuda 1

Let us go on to study now: THE CLAIRAUDIENCE. You know that it is the faculty that helps us to listen in the ultra, to hear in the ultra of the creation…

This wonderful faculty is located exactly in the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is in the larynx. It is very important. The thyroid gland releases iodine. In that gland, there is a wonderful chakra, that when awaken, confers the power to hear in the ultra of all things.

The Mantras for developing the clairaudience are many; I will teach some of them. Let us begin by the “E” (Pronounced “eh”). It is the foundation of all mantras related to this faculty and the letter “E” is vocalized so:  


This is the fundamental letter of the Clairaudience. Now I am going to teach you some mantras for the development of that faculty. Let us begin with the following one: AUM-CHIVA-TUN-E. This Mantra is vocalized in this way:





This mantra is wonderful, its vibration is formidable. With these mantras you will achieve the development of the clairaudience. Obtain the clairaudience my dear brothers! It is necessary that you learn to hear in the superior worlds. Be constant; vocalize always mantras until obtaining the development of your transcendental superlatives faculties.

Another important way for the development of the clairaudience has been mantra and meditation, wisely combined with prayer and the intonation of two letters “E” and “N”, in this way:


If you vocalize, combining meditation with prayer, you will obtain the development of your faculties in very short time.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the Lecture: The Power of the Mantras.

41. There are some very powerful mantras to awaken the magical ear.

42. These mantras are:

AUM CHIVATUM Eeeeeeeee...

43. AUM is pronounced opening the mouth wide with the vowel A, rounding it out with the U, and closing it with the M.

44. The other syllables are pronounced prolonging the sound over each vowel.

45. The laryngeal chakra is located in the throat and it has 16 radiations. Its colors are marvellous. It looks like a lotus flower emerging from the Thyroid gland.

Samael Aun Weor. Manual of Practical Magic.



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