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Understanding the Gnostic teachings.

da vinci

The creative comprehension is developed through the Discernment: it cannot exist comprehension if one does not establish a perfect equilibrium between the Being and the Knowledge. When the Being is bigger that the knowledge, it appear, as Gurdjieff said, a "stupid saint;" when the knowledge is bigger than the Being, appears, I say, a knave of the intellect. Actually, the world is governed by knaves that are the origin of the chaotic state in which the humanity is.

To establish the equilibrium between the Being and the knowledge is indispensable. One establishes that equilibrium through the Meditation. If for example, we study a biblical verse and we only use the Formative center, the center that examine. the Intellect; well, obviously we are going very wrong, we are destroying that center, but if we study the biblical verse and the we absorb ourselves in profound meditation, with the intention to become conscious by Illumination, then is formed, we would say, an interchange between the Being and the Knowledge. The knowledge fuses in the Being and the Being fuses in the knowledge, and from that whole fuse appear the alive flame of the comprehension.

Samael Aun Weor. The False Personality.


If we do not get Conscious of what we’re studying, if we leave it exclusively in the Memory, we’re doing nothing.

The Memory is the “formative principle” of the Intellectual centre, and when someone aspires to something else, when he see through the subconscious’ limitations, of that what is stored in the memory, of the last house where we’ve been, of the last esoteric book, etc. then those values pass to the emotional phase of the same Intellectual Centre, and when he wants to know the “deep meaning” of the said knowledge and he devote himself to Meditation with deep emotion and great longing, obviously such knowledge go to the Emotional Centre strictly speaking, it’s in the heart, one gets to feel them in the bottom of his Soul.  And if he really wants to penetrate more, if his longing is too deep, he got to –let’s say- living it clearly, finally those cognoscible values remain placed in the Consciousness, this is, in the Essence, then they are lost no more, never.
The Essence turns to be enriched with such knowledge, is the way to turn the own Gnostic knowledge we’re acquiring conscious. Then meditation, happen to be formidable to make us conscious of the knowledge, but let’s not make the mistake, I repeat, of leaving the knowledge placed exclusively in the memory, because if we proceed like this, we lose it in the time of death.

Samael Aun Weor. About the epoch and freedom to speak of esoteric issues.

We suggest our followers, after studying any Gnostic chapter, lecture, lesson etc. to relax the body and the mind with the purpose of understanding the topic better.


Understanding the Gnostic Teachings

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