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Concentration on Classical Music.


Modern music does not have harmony nor authentic melody and it lacks precise rhythm as well.

I consider modem music to be inharmonious, with a type of strident sounds which is harmful for all the five cylinders of the human machine.

Music of an “ultramodern” type harms the nervous system and alters all the organs of the human physiology. Modem music does not keep concordance with the melodies of the infinite.

If the ego is destroyed, one will vibrate with the cosmic music and with that of the world of the spheres.

Romantic music is related to the things of time and is illusory!

Classical music leads us to the communion with the ineffable which is not of time and is the eternal!

Samael Aun Weor. The Revolution of the Dialectic

Mozart The Initiate loves the great classical music and feels repugnance for the infernal music of common people. Afro-Cuban music awakens the lowest animal depths in man. The Initiate loves the music of the great composers. The Magic Flute of Mozart for example, reminds us of an Egyptian initiation…

...When we listen to the nine symphonies of Beethoven, or the compositions of Chopin, or Liszt’s Divine Polonaise, the Soul is in communion with the Music of Spheres. Music is the Word of the Eternal...

Samael Aun Weor. The Perfect Matrimony


Concentration on Classical Music

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