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Gnostic Question of the Week

What is Peace and when does it emerge?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

If we want authentic PEACE we must reduce the I to cosmic dust. Only then will there be inner beauty in us. From that beauty the enchantment of love and true PEACE of the heart will be born in us.

CREATIVE PEACE brings order within oneself, eliminates confusion and fills us with legitimate happiness.

It is necessary to know that the mind cannot understand what true PEACE is. It is urgent to understand that the peace of the calm heart does not come to us through effort, or by belonging to some society or organization dedicated to propagating PEACE.

Authentic peace comes to us in a completely natural and simple way when we regain innocence in the mind and heart, when we become like delicate and beautiful children, sensitive to everything beautiful as well as everything ugly, to everything good as well as everything bad, everything sweet and everything bitter.

It is necessary to regain lost childhood, both in the mind and in the heart.

PEACE is something immense, extensive, infinite, it is not something formed by the mind, it cannot be the result of a whim or the product of an idea. Peace is an atomic substance that is beyond good and evil, a substance that is beyond all morality, a substance that emanates from the very bowels of the ABSOLUTE.

Samael Aun Weor, Excerpt from the book: Fundamental Education.

Answer from the Book "The Esoteric Pentagram in Gnosis.".

If we really want True Peace, we must learn to live like the watchman in times of war, always alert and vigilant, from moment to moment, because Peace is not a matter of romantic fantasies or a matter of beautiful dreams, the Authentic Peace of the calm heart, Peace is not of the Mind, Peace is the wonderful perfume of the calm heart.

Peace only comes to us when we destroy the I, those psychological factors that produce pain.

The Magazine "The Wisdom of Being" 102: "Honesty (Sila)."