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Gnosis is Immortal Wisdom.

“Allah does not require of any soul more than what it can afford. All good will be for its own benefit, and all evil will be to its own loss.” ― The Quran 2:286 ― (Read More)

live, online activities of the ICQ

From May 27th to June 2nd, 2024.

Gnostic lecture of the week.

Lecture of the Week

The End of Times. Read More
Spanish:Fri. May 31, 1 and 8pm. - Enter | French: Sat. June 1, 12 pm. - Enter | English:Sat. June 1, 2 pm. - Enter

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Practice of the Week


Overcoming Defeatism. Read More
Spanish: Mon. May 27 and Wed. 29, 1 and 8 pm. - Enter | English: Tue. May 28, 8 pm - Enter | French: Sat. June 1, 1 pm. - Enter

Previous practice: Negative thoughts. See more

Question of the Week

Who is the God Harpocrates? Read More.

Previous Question:

What does it mean the phrase “Heaven is taken by storm, the brave ones have taken it”? Read More.

ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2023

ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2024:
Moon phases, real days, Zodiacal signs, Seasons of the year, activities of the ICQ.