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Gnosis is Science, Art, Philosophy and Mysticism.

"The wise are restrained bodily, then they are restrained verbally, the wise are restrained mentally, they are indeed very well-restrained." – Dhammapada - (Read More)

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From July 16th to 22nd, 2018

Lecture of the Week

Lecture of the Week

Cosmic Laws.
(CDT/ UTC -5)
English - Tue. July 17, 10 PM.
- Fri. July 20, 8 PM.

Previous Lecture: The Blue TIme

Practice of the Week


The Mantra "S M Hon"". Read More
(CDT/ UTC -5)
Spanish -
Wed. July 18, 8 PM
English -
Thu. July 19, 10 PM.
French - Sat. July 21, 2 PM.

Previous practice: The Magic of the Roses for healing moral pains.

Question of the Week

What was worshiped by the Incas and represented by the Sun? Read More.

What is the use, for our interior, of studying the universe? Read More.

ICQ's Gnostic Calendar 2018

Calendar 2018: Moon phases, real days, activities of the ICQ.