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How is sanctification obtained?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Many sincerely mistaken ones who truly want to self- realize exist in the most venerable schools of esoteric wisdom and of occultism; yet, they are not dedicated to the disintegration of their internal abominations.

Numerous are these people who assume that through good intentions it is possible to attain sanctity. Obviously, as long as one does not work intensely on those “I" that we carry within our interior, they will continue to exist beneath the depth of our godly appearance and our upright conduct.

The time has come for us to know that we are perverse ones disguised with the robe of sanctity: wolves in sheepskin, cannibals dressed in gentlemen’s clothing, executioners hidden behind the sacred sign of the cross, etc.

As majestic as we may seem inside our temples or inside our classrooms of light and harmony, as serene and sweet as we may seem to our fellowmen, as reverent and humble as we may appear, the abominations of hell and all the monstrosities of the wars continue to exist at the bottom of our psyche.

In revolutionary psychology, the necessity of a radical transformation is evident to us and this is only possible by declaring on oneself a merciless and cruel war to the death.

Indeed, all of us are worthless, each one of us is the disgrace, the abomination of the earth.

Fortunately, John the Baptist taught us the secret way: To Die In Oneself Through Psychological Decapitation.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt of the book: Esoteric Course of Kabala.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

The sanctification of the triple heart, body, soul and spirit is the cleansing of the soul, preserving the purity and perfection of the triumphs in the spirit and not sinning again. To sanctify the triple heart, it is necessary to get rid of low passions such as vices, desires, defects, fanaticism, ambitions, etc., transform thoughts, words, emotions and feelings into virtues, that is, make three live snakes grow (the snake as a symbol of wisdom and consciousness) for purification and cleansing of the soul, (crystal glass). This is achieved based on a lot of will, tenacity, faith and love, because the first step is to list the defects and vices and then analyze, through meditation, each one for two months and get rid of them gradually until finishing with all of them and achieving the sanctification and parallel purification.

The science of alchemy of the Middle Ages presents valuable similarities with the story of Noah's Ark, it understands purification as “a process of cleaning matter (flesh) by the sacred fire of the spirit. A basic, fundamental and transcendental process because it is the only one that transforms the gross into the subtle”.

Purification requires broad understanding, firm will, and living faith. Alchemists, just like in the Bible, use animal symbolism to teach the purification process. The four birds mentioned in this key, turkey, swan, raven and eagle, resemble the birds sent by Noah, after forty days in the ocean to find out if they were near the mainland, among which he sent a raven and a dove.

The gross is becoming subtle with the help of Venus, love. At first the ostentatious and heavy plumage of the peacock simulates the vainglory of vices and desires, the artifice of the satisfaction of passions, as when the person is carried away by the vice of alcohol, but later comes disenchantment, hangover and discomfort who refuses, just as the turkey pretends to ignore its hideous feet. Upon discovering the ego's deceit through self-observation, the eyes of the soul marvel as upon seeing an immaculately beautiful white swan; but the work does not end here, continues the favorite of Saturn, the raven, which symbolizes the ability to digest carrion, to dissolve the ego with the science of meditation and finally the eagle of the spirit will present its feathers, because the Being is strengthened through alchemical purification.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 96, Chapter: "The Ninth Key of Basil Valentin."