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Why is the Quetzal a sacred bird for the Mayans?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The feathered serpent speaks clearly of the serpent bird and is identified with Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec Christ, who always appears accompanied by the eagle and the serpent. The eagle of the spirit and the serpent of fire that make us terribly divine gods.

The quetzal of the Mayans is the feathered serpent, the serpent bird.

The igneous snake resides enclosed in a membranous bag located in the Mulhadara chakra, two finger widths below the anus, about two finger widths below the genitals. When the solar and lunar atoms make contact in the Triveni, then the Kundalini awakens, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, which ascends victoriously through the spinal canal to the chalice (brain), awakening all the dormant centers of man.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Mayan Mysteries.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

This majestic bird is the symbol of a mysterious fire that lies latently in the human being, which the Orientals called Kundalini. Such a mysterious fire lies dormant in a magnetic center or chakra located at the base of the spine.

It is in this way, why he was adored among the Mayans to such a degree, that whoever killed one of those precious birds was sentenced to death; however, the bird is just a symbol of something very sacred within the human being.

The legends, the myths, what our ancestors talk about this majestic bird, is actually a hidden teaching of the need for us to wake up our own quetzal bird.

If that sacred fire or internal quetzal bird woke up and we directed it to one of our diseased organs, it would heal, and if we projected it to a chakra it would develop it, awakening those hidden senses that we have lost.

Of course, it is not easy to wake up that mysterious bird from its ancient sleep, it is very demanding, it requires many merits of the heart and the magic of love manifested in our homes.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 95, Chapter: "The Quetzal."