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Who is the Intimate and how do we approach Him?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Atman is our Intimate, our divine Seity; that seventh principle which there is in Beings, but which humans do not have…

THE TRUE MAN IS THE INTIMATE, He does not have problems, the problems belong to the mind.

The Intimate must lash the mind with the terrible Whip of the Will.

The man who identifies with the mind falls to the abyss…

The Intimate is the True Man who lives incarnated within every human body, and which we all carry crucified within our hearts.

When man awakens from his dream of ignorance, he then gives himself over to his Intimate, which unites with the Christ, and the man becomes almighty as the Absolute from whence he came.

The Intimate is God in man. The man who ignores this Great Truth is only a shadow; the shadow of his Intimate.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt of the book: Tarot and Kabbalah.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

This is the marvelous key to the power of all the magicians of all times, to love our Intimate Christ, our inner Being. The sacred scriptures say: «Look, I have set before you today, life and good; death and evil ». The Intimate is God in man. The Ego is Satan in man. The symbol of the Intimate is the five-pointed star, the pyramid, the cross with equal arms, the scepter. When we do our meditation practices, we can pronounce and reverence the Inner-Self with the mantra Omnis Aum, "And he will be taken up to paradise, where he will listen to secret words that man cannot reveal."

The liberated man is a master of himself. He is not obliged to reincarnate, if he reincarnates it is voluntarily and lovingly to help humanity, but in any case he always follows the narrow path of duty, love and sacrifice that lead him directly to the unlimited bliss of the Absolute. Loving our neighbor, showing him by example, eliminating all actions of hate, is how we can embody the Innermost. When the initiate recoils before the dilemma of the threshold of the sanctuary, his Intimate or his I his, the truth slowly flees from him. The dilemma is to love the Intimate and the neighbor as oneself, being a faithful imitation of the Christ and to stop being only the shadow.

Taking care and watching over our actions is our great duty, because if the self, which is the prince of this world, triumphs, we separate from the Being and the body that the self loves so much and needs so much to moderate and enjoy will continue to be the means that prevents us from living in the Being, that is why it is a commandment, we must be alert.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 98, Chapter: "The 10 commandments of the Age of Aquarius."