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How can we make the Essence grow?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

What makes every newborn child beautiful and adorable is his Essence; the Essence in itself constitutes his true reality.

In all creatures, the normal growth of the Essence is certainly scanty, insufficient…

Something very special must happen, something new must be fulfilled so that the Essence may grow more.

I want to emphatically refer to the work upon oneself; the development of the Essence is only possible on the basis of conscious works and voluntary sufferings…

…Unfortunately, the Essence is completely imprisoned, absorbed inside the ego, and this is lamentable.

To dissolve the psychological “I,” to disintegrate its undesirable elements, is something unavoidable and non- excludable. This is the meaning of working upon oneself.

We would never be able to liberate the Essence without previously disintegrating the psychological “I.”

…We need to reduce to ashes the monstrous cruelty of this day and age: envy which has unfortunately become the secret trigger of action, the unbearable covetousness that has made life so bitter, the disgusting slander; the calumny which gives rise to so many tragedies the drunken revelries, the filthy it that smells so hideously, etc.

Accordingly as all these abominations are being reduced to cosmic dust, the Essence, besides becoming emancipated will harmoniously grow and develop unquestionably the Essence shines within ourselves when our psychological “I” has died.

…When we die within ourselves, when we dissolve the Psychological “I,” we can then enjoy the precious senses and powers of the Essence.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt of the book: The message of Aquarius.