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What does the Eight-fold Path of the Buddha represent and why is it important to walk it?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The present hour is grave and definitive. Therefore, the only way to be saved is by practicing the Eight-Fold Path taught by Buddha. This Eight-Fold Path is totally sexual.

The number eight represents the sign of infinity. The number eight symbolizes the two entwined serpents around the spinal medulla, as well as, the two witnesses and the caduceus of Mercury. Therefore, this Holy Eight is the path of the spinal medulla. The middle path is in the dorsal spine. This is the Path of the Razor’s Edge…

…The caduceus of Mercury has the form of an eight. Thus, the caduceus is also the sign of the infinite. This caduceus is the dorsal spine with its two sympathetic chords, Ida and Pingala. Thus, the eight steps of the Eight-Fold Path are within the spinal medulla.

We are in the times of the end, and if we want to depart from this valley of bitterness, we need to enter the Eight-Fold Path.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt of the book: The message of Aquarius.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

We are each one of us, the pawns, with the limits, conditions and possibilities of our lives; right where we are, at this precise moment, regardless of the place in the world where we live, our social class, nor our sorrows and joys.

In Buddhism, the 8 pawns represent the eightfold path that the Buddha pointed out as the path to enlightenment: right vision and understanding, right thinking, right speaking, right acting, right way of earning a living, right effort, right attention, right concentration and meditation.

They are an ethical guide, of how our actions should be on the table of existence, on the board of rough life.

But the eightfold path entails a danger for the pawn at every move. Which brings us directly to the mistakes we make daily due to our psychological defects every time we face the 8 mundane winds in everyday life, of which the Buddha warned: win – lose; triumph – failure; joy – sadness; praise – criticism.

The 8 squares are the 8 mundane winds and the eightfold path in each of the smallest details of any of our most everyday days. The goal is freedom, not identifying with opposites.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 97, Chapter: "The pawn."