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What requirements must we meet to be helped by sacred plants?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Question: You once spoke of PEYOTE and also Master Huiracocha, precisely as an aid in these cases of unfolding.

SAW Answer: PEYOTE is very different. He cooperates, yes, with meditation, he does not form a habit of any kind. It is very demanding: you have to have CHASTITY; in no way would PEYOTE help, for example, the lustful. He has his rules. Master Huiracocha talks about PEYOTE, tells how Master Rassinchi, inside the Temple of Chapultepec, used it to provoke a split.

It is the only recommended plant, but that is for COSMIC MEN, provided they do not abuse it.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the lecture: The Wisdom of the Being.

Note from ICQ Gnosis: Because we are not prepared nor do we have the inner level to take advantage of sacred plants in a positive way, ICQ does not recommend the use of any type of drug, hallucinogen or natural or synthetic stimulant for recreational or spiritual purposes.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Among the Huicholes, we also find a legend which relates it to certain aspects of nature that are far from the misuse that is given to it today, to better understand this let's see its legend:

The legend of the blue deer

This legend tells us that there was a time when disease, hunger, and thirst began to predominate. To solve this problem, the great priests sent four young men to look for food, each one of them representing the elements of the nature.

Embarking on their way they found nothing and began to be filled with sadness and despair and when they were about to give up due to exhaustion they saw a large blue deer which was watching them, they decided to follow it to be able to hunt it and bring some food to their community and After many days they arrived, thanks to this blue deer, to a sacred plant called "hikuli", legend has it that these young people brought this plant to their community and the priests gave it to the people and that with it they managed to establish a link between the material and the spiritual and knew how to establish a balance with nature, which is why they managed to recover both physical and spiritual food in which sadness and despair disappear.”

It is necessary to clarify that nowadays these sacred plants have unfortunately been misused, because they consume them believing that they will have mystical experiences, and they justify themselves by saying that the indigenous people do so, however, they forget that the elementals of these plants they help without the need to ingest them; Those who still preserve the ancestral wisdom make pilgrimages in which they carry out an internal process to establish that communication with the spiritual part and with nature, which is something sacred that we have been forgetting about.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 95, Chapter: "The Deer."