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How do we use the Caduceus of Mercury in our hidden anatomy?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.


The Caduceus of Mercury symbolizes the spinal column with its two Serpents representing the channels of Ida and Pingala, through which Solar and Lunar atoms ascend to the brain. These are the musical sharps and flats of the Great FA that resounds in all creation.

The Akãsa ascends like the flaming Fire through the medullar channel, and its two poles of energy flow through Ida and Pingala. From the medullar channel and its two channels, which are entwined like Serpents around the spinal column, a circulation begins which, de parting from the central duct, is then distributed throughout the whole organism.

Ida and Pingala depart from the sexual organs. Ida is to the left of the medullar channel and Pingala to the right. In the woman this order is reversed. The channels terminate in the medulla oblongata. This pair of cords is semi-etheric, semi-physical, and corresponds to the superior dimensions of space.


When the Solar and Lunar atoms unite at the base of the spinal colunm, the Igneous Serpent of our Magical Powers awakens. The Serpent ascends slowly amidst the ineffable delights of the Perfect Matrimony. The Serpent enjoys the enchantment of Love.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt of the book: The Perfect Matrimony.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

In the central part we can appreciate the god Mercury, symbol of wisdom, mind and the raw material of the Great Work; that is to say: the pure waters of life, the mercury of the secret philosophy or the creative energy.

When he appears as a central character, he indicates the importance of conserving this philosophical mercury; By having two mercury caduceus in her hands and that these are very close to a sun and a moon, they indicate the masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) sexual energies.

The Mercury Caduceus itself affirms the importance of learning how to ascend the masculine and feminine creative magnetic forces; since the snakes that compose it are the two cords that the human being has (in a four-dimensional way) by which it is possible to carry out this work.

Married people can achieve this prodigy by truly loving in the alchemist laboratory of their love relationship, and single people by learning to use the verb correctly, listening devotedly to classical music, walking among nature.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 96, Chapter: "The Second Key of Basil Valentin."