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The Mantras IN, EN, ON, UN, AN.

The seven vowels of Nature: I E O U A M S, resounded long ago in the human organism. When man came out of the "Jinn" Lands, Rhythm and Harmony were lost.

Man should perceive the urgent need for the Seven Vowels of Nature to vibrate once again in his organism, to resound with intensity in the interior boxes of resonance, as well as in each of the Plexus of Chakras of the Astral Body.

Clairvoyance is developed with the Vowel I.

Clairaudience is awakened with the Vowel E.

The Heart Center, which develops Inspiration, with the Vowel O.

The Pulmonary Chakras, which enable us to remember past reincarnations, are awakened with the Vowel A.

The Vowels M and S cause all internal centers to vibrate.

IN Clairvoyance: Frontal Chakra
EN Clairaudience: Larynx Chakra
ON Intuition: Heart Chakra
UN Telepathy: Solar Plexus
AN Memory of past lives: Pulmonary Chakras


The sound of each vowel is prolonged, and with the N we give It a sonorous and loud, ringing intonation.

Samael Aun Weor. Logos, Mantra and T.

Listen to the Mantras: En - On - Un - An

* The M and S are considered esoterically also as vowels.
* We suggest you to relax the body and mind first and, with the eyes closed, to vocalize verbally or mentally the referred mantras.
* You can start with few minutes a day. Those who have more discipline could last vocalizing the time they want to.

  • These mantras are in our "Mantras Section" in MP3 format, click here.

The Mantras IN, EN, ON, UN, AN.

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