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Practice for the development of the creative imagination

fairyImagination, Inspiration and Intuition are the three obligatory paths of Initiation. Let's study each one of these steps separately.

Let's start with the Imagination. For the wise one to Imagine is to see. The Imagination is the Soul's translucent. What is important is to learn to concentrate the mind in one thing. That who learns to think one only thing makes wonders and miracles.

The disciple who wants to achieve the Imaginative Knowledge must learn to concentrate and to know how to meditate deeply. The best exercise to achieve the imaginative knowledge is the next one:

Seated in front of a plant we concentrate on it until we've forgot anything else. Then closing our eyes we lull ourselves to sleep keeping in our imagination the form and figure of the plant, its structure, perfume and color.

The disciple must provoke the sleeping processes during these practices. The disciple will have a doze while meditating in the internal constitution of the plant. The disciple will imagine the living cells of the plant. The vegetal cell has protoplasm, membrane and nucleus. The protoplasm it's a viscose, elastic and transparent substance very similar to the white of the egg (albuminoid matter).

The disciple having a doze must reflex about the four fundamental elements of the vegetal cell's protoplasm. These four elements are: the carbon, the oxygen, the hydrogen and the nitrogen. The membrane it's a marvelous substance without color that turns out totally insoluble in water. That substance it's the famous cellulose.

The disciple well concentrated will imagine the nucleus of the cell as a little corpuscle where the Great Universal life beats. Inside the nucleus it is the nuclear filament, the nuclear juice and the nucleole all wrapped up by the nucleus membrane. The nucleoles are infinitesimal corpuscles full of brightness and beauty, residual products from the incessant reactions of the vegetal organism. The disciple well concentrated must imagine with logic precision all of those mineral substances and organic combinations that cope harmoniously in the cellular protoplasm of the plant. Think in the grains of starch and in the amazing chlorophyll, without which it's impossible to get to perfect organic synthesis. The chlorophyll it's presented in a yellow and very beautiful (Xantofilie) granular form (Chloroleusites). This last one, under the Sun rays turns out with that lovely green of the vegetal. Every plant it's a perfect cellular community of incalculable perfections. The student must meditate in the plant's perfection and in all its scientific processes, full of mystical beatitude and delighted with all that beauty.

The mystic is enraptured by remembering all the nutrition, relation and reproduction of every vegetal cell. Let's see the calyx of the flower, there are its sexual organs. There is the pollen, masculine reproductive element. There is the pistil or Gynaeceum, lovely feminine organ with its Ovary, Style and Stigma. The Ovary it's a sac full of wonderful ovums. With relation to the Pistil, the stamen can occupy different positions: insertion below the Ovary, around the Ovary or over Ovary.

The fecundation is carried out with the function of the feminine germens and the masculine gametes. The pollen, masculine gamete, after getting out from the antenna gets to the plant's Ovary where impatient awaits the ovum, feminine gamete. The seed is the lovely ovum and delightful that, after being fertilized, it transforms and grows. Remember now the student that epoch in which he/she is now meditating, it sprouts as a delicate little stalk.

Imagine it growing slowly until seeing it with the imagination sprouting branches, leafs and flowers. Remember that everything that has born has to die.

Imagine it now the dead process of the plant. Its flowers become whiter; its leafs dry up and the wind take them away and finally only are left some dry logs.

This born-and-die process is marvelous. By meditating on this born-and-die process of a plant, by meditating on all this wonderful life of the vegetal, then the chakras of the Astral body develop and progress if the concentration it's perfect and if the dream goes deep.

The meditation must be correct. The mind must be exact. The logic thinking and the exact concept are needed in order to develop absolutely perfect the internal senses. Any incoherence, any lack of logic and of mental equilibrium obstruct and damage the evolution and progress of the disc-chakras, or lotus flowers of the astral body. The student needs much patience because any act of impatience leads him/her to the failure. Patience and will are needed, tenacity and absolutely conscious faith.

Samael Aun Weor. Endocrinology and Criminology.

Development of the Creative Imagination

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