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Phases of the Moon

Formerly, the farmers specially cut wood in the crescents and seeded in waning, obtaining themselves wonderful wood that lasted whole centuries. Now, the people have forgotten the lunar influence, and cut wood in waning and seed in crescent, giving by result wood that in a moment lie down to lose. The people, for example, been born under the sign of Cancer, very specially, change their character in agreement with the phases of the Moon. The Moon produces the high and the low tides, regulates the process of ovulation in the ovaries of feminine sex, directs the conception of all the creatures, etc. It could not be made, in truth, no conception without the lunar influence.

The Moon, obviously is related also to the diseases; the lunar cycles govern the Typhus, the Smallpox, etc. It is a great weight, like the weight of a clock; as well as the weight of a clock makes the clock works, thus also the pendulum, or weighs, of the Moon, makes work all this nature, all this Earth.

For all these reasons, we are seeing that the humanity is completely lunar, and if we observed the pendulum of a clock, we see that it is mechanic in one hundred percent and that it governs all the mechanics of the clock. Also, the Moon, which is the pendulum of this planet Earth, mechanically governs the entire planet, and it governs us; so the human beings, the whole humanity, are one hundred percent lunar.

The Moon, sure is taking more and more force in us. Observe how the humanity behaves. If we see a pendulum in its movement from right to left, we can notice how all the machinery of the clock behaves; therefore, if we see the Moon, that it is the pendulum of this planet Earth, we observe how all the organism Earth behaves; within the organism Earth are included all the living organisms, each class of organism has a specific, defined mission in the planet Earth.

Samael Aun Weor.


The Phases of the Moon

The magician should pay close attention to the lunar influences because all the sidereal energies crystallize in our terrestrial globe through the lunar forces.

All that is began during the crescent moon progresses quickly. All that is done in the waning moon fails.

The new Moon is very weak and the full Moon is very strong and serves to carry out all works of practical magic successfully.

The last day of the Moon means: abortions and failures.

Always do your business in crescent moon so that you may succeed...

The Moon produces the rising and ebbing of the sea.

The Moon produces high and low tides.

The Moon attracts and repels the terrestrial magnetism.

Zodiacal Course. Samael Aun Weor