ICQ's 16th International Congress

"The Tree of Life"

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Limited Access

The Instituto Cultural Quetzalcoatl faithful to the premise of keeping the Teachings non-profit-making realizes Super-Efforts as to maintain this event affordable to everyone who wish to attend, despite of the many expenses of an event of this kind.

Only the regular subscription fee for this event ranges around 600-800 pesos (60-80 dlls), but the love, effort and work of the Gnostic Instructors, students and followers make possible for you to subscribe with just...

Before May 30th: 200 pesos (20 dlls).

From May 1st to the date of the Congress: 250 pesos (25 dlls).

If you wish to know where to make the deposit for the subscription, please send a mail and we gladly will send you the information.

The sooner you subscribe yourself the more you help to the organization of our Congress.

Contact us for more information

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