What damages provoke us the fear and the search for security?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Nowadays, FEAR and the SEARCH FOR SECURITY have turned the planet Earth into a horrible hell. The whole world fears and wants security.

In bygone days one could travel freely, but now borders are filled with armed guards; passports and certificates of every type are demanded to be able to go from one country into another.

All of this is the result of fear and the SEARCH FOR SECURITY. He who arrives is feared, and security is found in passports and papers of all types.

Schoolteachers, college and university lecturers should understand the horror of all this and cooperate for the good of the world, by knowing how to educate the new generations and teaching them the path of real values.

It is imperative to teach new generations not to fear and not to search for securities in anything or anyone.

It is indispensable that every individual learns to be more confident in himself.

FEAR and THE SEARCH FOR SECURITY are terrible weaknesses that transform life into a terrifying HELL.

Everywhere abound fearful cowards and weak people who are always in search for SECURITY.

Life is feared, death is feared; other people's opinions, gossip is feared; the loss of a social or political positions feared, the loss of prestige, money, a lovely house, a beautiful woman, a good husband, a job, a business, a monopoly, the furniture, the car, etc., is feared. Everything is feared.

Cowards, fearful people, weak people abound everywhere. However, nobody thinks himself a coward, everyone boasts of being strong, of being courageous, etc.

In all social classes there exist thousands of millions of interests that one fears to lose and because of this everyone looks for securities that become more and more complex, making life more difficult, complicated, bitter, cruel, and merciless.

All gossip, slander, intrigues, etc., have their origins in fear and in the search for security.

To avoid losing our wealth, position, power and prestige; slander and gossip are propagated, murder is committed and people secretly pay for murders to be committed.

Powerful people on earth even have the luxury of having salaried and well paid murderers with a loathsome purpose of eliminating any one who threatens to eclipse them.

They love power for the sake of power and assure themselves of it on the basis of money and much blood.

The Fundamental Education. Samael Aun Weor