What negative influences do we have to protect the mind of?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


All newspapers are filled with ideas which in reality falsify the mind. In this path of psychological liberation, it is not convenient to falsify the mind.

It seems to me that in order for there to be true mental health, one needs conscious faith.

The press fills the mind with skepticism and the latter alters the equilibrium of the mind, because it makes it ill.

Journalists are one hundred percent skeptical by nature.

Mental health is not possible as long as conscious faith does not exist.

The skepticism of journalists is contagious and destroys the mind.

Children, instead of reading foolishness, should be taken to the countryside and fairy tales of olden times narrated to them; in this manner, their mind will remain open and free of prejudices of these decadent and degenerated times.

In these decrepit and mechanical times it is necessary to recover the capacity of amazement. Unfortunately, modern people have lost this capacity.


What is important in life is to not fill the mind with foreign ideas that are seen on television, since with time they become effigies.

The images that are seen on television are reproduced in the mind, transforming themselves into representations that take up psychological reality.

It is necessary to have the mind clean so that the Being can officiate in our psychological universe, free of the shackles of the ego.

Those who search for the Integral Revolution can see useful movies that are related to nature so that they can obtain objective benefits for the superlative consciousness of the Being.


Modern music does not have harmony nor authentic melody and it lacks precise rhythm as well.

I consider modem music to be inharmonious, with a type of strident sounds which is harmful for all the five cylinders of the human machine.

Music of an “ultramodern” type harms the nervous system and alters all the organs of the human physiology. Modem music does not keep concordance with the melodies of the infinite.

If the ego is destroyed, one will vibrate with the cosmic music and with that of the world of the spheres.

Romantic music is related with the things of time and is illusory!

Classical music leads us to the communion with the ineffable which is not of time and is the eternal!

Samael Aun Weor. The Revolution of the Dialectic