Why is the effort useless during the Meditation?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

In order to experience the Truth, one does not need any effort whatsoever. People are accustomed to exerting effort in everything and erroneously suppose that it is impossible to experience the Truth without any effort.

We may need effort to earn our daily bread or to play a game of football, or to carry a very heavy load, but it is absurd to believe that effort is necessary in order to experience that which is the Truth.

Comprehension replaces effort when one tries to comprehend the truth intimately hidden in the secret depth of each problem.

We do not need any effort to comprehend each and all of the defects that we carry hidden in the different levels of the mind.

We do not need effort to comprehend that envy is one of the most powerful triggers of the social machinery. Why do many people want to progress? Why do many people want to have beautiful residences and very elegant cars? The entire world envies what belongs to others, envy is regret for others’ well-being.

Elegant women are envied by other less elegant women and this serves to intensify struggle and pain. Those who do not have, want to have and will not even eat in order to buy clothes and adornments of all types with the only objective of not being less than anyone.

Every paladin of a great cause is mortally hated by the envious. The envy of the impotent, of the vanquished, of the mean person, is disguised with the judge’s toga or with the robe of sanctity and of mastery, or with the sophism of applause, or with the beauty of humility.

If we comprehend in an integral manner that we are envious, it is logical that envy then ends and in its place appears the star that rejoices and shines for others’ well being.

There are persons who want to cease being covetous but who covet not being covetous, there you have a form of covetousness.

There are men who exert themselves in order to attain the virtue of chastity, but when they see a beautiful woman on the street, they pay her some beautiful compliments, and if the woman is a friend, they can do nothing less than ply her with attentions, tell her beautiful words, admire her, praise her beautiful qualities, etc. The secret intentions behind all that coquetry is found in the secret trigger of subconscious, tenebrous and submerged lust.

When we comprehend without any effort whatsoever all the tricks of lust, the latter is annihilated and in its place is born the immaculate flower of chastity.

It is not with any effort that we can acquire those virtues. The ‘I’ is fortified when it exerts itself to acquire virtues. The ‘I’ loves decorations, medals, titles, honors, virtues, beautiful qualities, etc.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt  from the Book: The Revolution of the Dialectic