What can we do to reduce the Infant delinquency?

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Human society and the governments of the Earth DON'T give importance to the pain of these innocents and when they commit a crime, as in the case cited, instead of being taken to a good school for cultured children, they are sent to PRISON.

Prison doesn't reform, it damages and perverts. In this way these children were placed at the fringes of crime by a cruel society and in the end put in a school for crime: PRISON.

Here these children learn from other children that are more advanced, precisely that which they shouldn't learn. There they will learn to be real thieves, muggers, etc.

Prison as a system of reform has failed in all the countries of the Earth. It has been demonstrated that prison morally corrupts human beings. Prison doesn't reform anyone.

If we analyze closely the case of the three young lads mentioned in this chapter we will see first of all ABANDONMENT. These children wandered the streets in a state of complete abandonment. Second, lack of clothing and inferiority complex. The three children were not decently dressed by HUMAN SOCIETY. The three lads, due to the complex caused by their nudity and misery, wanted to dress elegantly. Human society, the society that accuses them before the solemn verdict of public consciousness was not able to dress them elegantly, it did not recognize their right to dress well and so the result was this crime.


This cruel and soulless society that abandons children in the streets, this perverse and degenerated society that negates children the right to dress well, the right to eat well, the right to study in a good school because they make the "crime" of not having money; really this society is no so free of sin that it an cast the first stone at these abandoned children.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ