What is the Dialectic of the Consciousness?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Awaken consciousness allows us to experience reality directly.

Unfortunately, the intellectual animal mistakenly called man, fascinated by the formulative power of dialectical logic, has forgotten about the dialectic of consciousness.

Unquestionably, the power to formulate logical concepts is basically terribly poor.

From thesis we can pass onto antithesis and through discussion reach synthesis, but the latter remains in itself an intellectual concept which in no way can coincide with reality.

The Dialectic of Consciousness is more direct, permitting us to experience the reality of any phenomenon in itself and by itself.
Natural phenomena in no way coincide exactly with the concepts formulated by the mind.

Life develops from instant to instant and when we capture it to analyise it, we cause its death.

When, observing this or that natural phenomenon, we try to infer concepts, in fact we stop perceiving the reality of the phenomenon and we only see in it the reflection of theories and stale concepts which have nothing to do at all with the observed fact.

Intellectual hallucination is fascinating and we forcibly want all natural phenomena to coincide with our dialectical logic.

The dialectic of consciousness is based on lived experiences and not on mere subjective rationalism.

All of nature's laws exist within ourselves and if we do not discover them in our interior, we will never discover them outside of ourselves.

Man is contained in the Universe and the Universe is contained in man.

Real is what we experience within ourselves, only the consciousess can experience reality.

The language of the consciousness is symbolic, intimate, profoundly significant and only those who are awake can understand it.
Whoever may want to awake consciousness must eliminate from within all the undesirable elements which constitute the Ego, the "I", the Myself, within which the essence is bottled.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Great Rebellion


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