Why our behavior should be authentic, without depending on anyone?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The PSYCHOLOGICAL SLAVERY DESTROYS COEXISTENCE, depending psychologically from someone is slavery.

If our way of thinking, feeling and doing depends on the way of thinking, feeling and doing from those people who are in coexistence with us, then we’re so ruined.

We constantly receive letters from people longing to dissolve the I, but they complain about their woman, their children, their brother, their family, the husband, the boss etc., etc., etc.

Those people demand contitions to dissolve the I, they want facilities to anihilate the I, they demand a perfect conduct to those they live with.

The funniest thing of allof this is that those poor people are in search for evasives, they want to flee, to abandon their home, their work, etc., supposedly to reach the SELF-REALIZATION.

Poor people… Their adored torments are their natural masters, those people haven’t learned to be free, their behaviour depends on other’s behaviour.

If we want to follow the path of chastity and we long for the woman to become chast in the first place, then we’ve failed.

If we want to stop being a drunkard but we feel sorry for what others may think when they offer us a glass (of wine), or if our friends get angry, then we will never stop being drunkards.

If we want to stop being angry, irascible, wrathful, furious, but as a first requirement we demand that everybody we live with become sweet and serene and we want them to do nothing that may bother us, then we have failed because they are not saints and in any given moment they will end up with our good intentions.

If we want to dissolve the I we need to be free; whoever depends on the others’ behaviour, won’t be able to dissolve the I.

Our behaviour should be own and very own and don’t depend on anyone, our thoughts, feelings and actions should flow independently from the inside to the outside.

The worst dificulties offer us the best opportunities, in the past there were wise men surrounded by every kind of facilities and with no difficulties of any specie.

Those wise man, wanting to anihilate the I had to create difficult situations for themselves.

In the difficult situations we have formidable oportunities to study our internal and external impulses, our thoughts, our feelings, actions, our reactions, volitions, etc., etc., etc.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Social Transformation of the Humanity.