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Study of Pride (Self-Esteem)

We suggest you to study the Pride, besides the work you could be doing upon another psychological flaw, through the psychological self-observation and meditation with the purpose of getting to know this defect, which is the cause of many problems in our lives.


All human beings are narcissist deep down their hearts, in love with ourselves; look at a singer in the stage; he is madly in love with himself, he adores himself, he idolize himself and when the applauses  rain he gets to the climax of his self-adoration for that is precisely what he wants, what he awaits with infinite thirst.

A lot is said about the feminine vanity.  Vanity really is the pride’s manifestation. A woman in front of a mirror is a complete Narcissus adoring herself, madly idolizing herself. Women adorn herself the best she can, she paints herself, curls her hair so the rest can say: “you’re beautiful, lovely, divine, etc”. The “I” believes it is beautiful, pure, ineffable, saint, virtuous, etc. Nobody believes to be evil; all the people think they are good and righteous.

Pride is something terrible. The fanatics of the materialism do not accept the superior dimensions of the space because of their pride. They love themselves a lot and naturally they demand that the superior dimensions of the space, the entire cosmos and every ultra-sensible villa surrender to their personal whims, they’re incapable of going beyond themselves, beyond their beloved Ego, beyond their narrowed mind, and beyond their theories, mental assumptions, precepts, etc.

Let’s observe the children during their first three or four years of live; they’re all nice, adorable… beautiful because the sickening “I” haven’t expressed through them yet. Only the Essence is expressed through them with its entire goodness. When the Ego starts to control the child’s personality the spontaneous beauty disappears, then starts the over esteem of the beloved ego and the child dreams with the world domination and to become the most powerful one over the world. Death doesn’t resolve the fatal problem of the ego, this continues in our descendants. “Everything goes; everything comes back, the wheel of existence turns eternally, everything dies, everything flowers again; the years of existence run eternally”. “Everything is destroyed; everything is reconstructed again, eternally builds the same house of existence”. “Everything gets separated, everything meets again; the ring of existence remains loyal to itself”. “Existence begins every hour”; around every “Here” turns the sphere of “There” the center is everywhere, tortuous is the road of eternity”. (Nietzche)

Only the death of the ego could solve the problem of the human pain but the “I” loves itself and it doesn’t want to die at all, as long as the “I” exists the Samsara wheel will turn, the fatal wheel of the human tragedy. When we are truly in love we give up the “I”, but it is extremely rare to find during our lifetime someone truly in love, everyone is excited and that’s not love. People get excited when they find someone they like, when they discover in other person they same mistakes, qualities or defects; then the beloved being serves them as mirror where they can completely see themselves, they aren’t really in love with the beloved being, they’re only in love with themselves and they enjoy watching themselves in the mirror of the beloved one, they have found themselves there and then they suppose they’re in love. The “I” delights in being in front of the mirror or it is happy by looking at itself in the person who has the same qualities, virtues and defects.

Much is what preachers say about Truth, but, it is perhaps possible to know the truth when there is inside us pride? Only by finishing pride, only with the mind free of opposites we can live, in absence of the “I”, that, what is the Truth. We met a man who was in person in the planet Venus for some days, that man is not an erudite, he is just a humble mechanic.

We’ve read his wonderful book entitled: “I was at planet Venus”. Everything this privileged man says is formidable, extraordinary. The Venusians’ civilization is pure Christian Socialism put into practice. The Venusians’ technique, science, arts, religiousness really are millions of years ahead of us. How far we are to reach such heights! This man just told in a simply way what happened to him, all that he saw. But, as always, the pseudo-wise men laugh at him because of the crime of not to coincide his telling with the mental assumptions and complicated theories they have in their memory.

The experts weren’t able to listen with spontaneous mind, free of mental assumptions and theories, concepts, etc. They weren’t able to be open to what’s new with integral mind, with a mind not divided by the antithesis struggle. The experts only listened to compare what they were listening with their assumptions stored in the memory. The experts listened to translate according with their language full of prejudices and concepts and to get to the conclusion of what the man was telling it was a fantasy. The experts are always like that; their minds are already so degenerated that they’re no capable of discovering what’s new. Indeed this man was in Venus, we visited him at his home and we talked for three hour with him. What he tells is marvelous. Travelling toward the north of Mexico driving a car with American passengers he had to live the most extraordinary adventures that no man has lived in this Arian race. The machine got broken in the road and the passengers leaved looking for a tow truck to move it.  In the solitude something wonderful happened, the man was visited by two Venusians of medium height who after preparing him with a delicious talk, they lead him through the mountain to the secret place where their cosmic vessel was. The man of our story entered in the vessel and he was taken to Venus where he was living some days.


This man has just told what happened, he is not a scientist and that’s why he does not speaks as one; some wise men took samples of the field and the plants in the place where he says that he found the vessel,  and with astonishment they discovered a strange molecular disorder beyond what’s normal in those plants and field, the laboratory tests probed until satisfied the reality of a machine out of the ordinary which was in such spot, nevertheless, despite everything the foolish laugh because the story doesn’t coincide with the prejudices and theories of their beloved Ego.

The “I” in its arrogance wants everything to coincide with its theories and mental assumptions, the “I” wants fulfilled all its whips and that the entire Cosmos subdues to its laboratory experiments. The Ego mortally loathes the one who hurts its pride. The Ego adores its theories and concepts. Many times we loathe someone without any reason; Why? Quite simple I’m telling you dear reader, because that someone personify some mistakes that we carry well hidden, and we can’t like other to show them, really, we carry deep in the mistakes that we lumber to others.

Nobody’s perfect in this world, we all are cut with the same scissor, each one of us is a bad snail within the womb of the Great Reality. He who doesn’t have a defect in some direction has it in another direction, some don’t covet money but covet love, fame, honors, affection, etc. some don’t adulterate with the woman of other but they enjoy adulterating doctrines, mixing credos in the name of the great universal fraternity. Some aren’t jealous for their own woman, but they’re jealous for friendships, credos, sects, things, etc. etc. etc. the human beings are like this, all cut by the same scissor.

There is no human being who doesn’t adore himself, we’ve heard persons who delight entire hours talking about themselves, about their wonders, their talent, their virtues, etc. etc. etc. The Ego loves so much itself, that even gets to envy other’s wellness, women dress up themselves with so many things in part because of the feminine vanity and in part for arising the envy in other women, everyone envying everyone, everyone envy the dress of others, the nice necklace, the beautiful bracelet, etc. everyone adore themselves and no one wants to see herself underneath the others, they’re one hundred per cent narcissist.
Some pseudo-esoteric or pseudo-occultist, or brothers from many sects adore themselves so much that they have got to believe that they are wells of humbleness and holiness, they are proud of their own humbleness; they are terribly proud. There’s not brother or sister pseudo-occultist, spiritualist or pseudo-esoteric who deep down don’t show off his/her holiness, splendor and spiritual beauty. No spiritualist brother or sister beliefs he/she is evil or wicked, they all boast of being saints and perfects, even when they’re not just evil but wicked too. The beloved ego (“I”) adores itself too much and boats even when it doesn’t say so of being good and perfect.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.

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