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The Magic of the Roses

Formula to Heal the moral Pain


On a table, set three glasses filled with water and on each one, a rose.

These glasses must be set on a triangle, one to the North, one towards the East and one towards the West. 
Each glass must be blessed by the person performing this practice and to that effect, the person should drink these three glasses daily, in the following sequence:

Before breakfast, the glass set to the East;
Before lunch, the glass set to the North;
Before dinner, the glass set to the West.

This treatment must be accompanied by a sincere petition to the INNERMOST and to the Masters of the WHITE BROTHERHOOD, in order for them to help you move past the moral pain you suffer.  After a few days of this practice, any moral pain will heal, regardless of how grave it may be.  When and at which times have any medics spoken to the sufferings related to morality?

How many people die on a daily basis and fall to illness because of moral suffering, yet it is sad to say, there has never been one compassionate enough to give humanity an exact formula to heal their moral pain.  There are innumerable cases of suicide and no one had ever spoken to humanity about the Magic of the Roses.

Samael Aun Weor. Occult Medicine and Practical M

*** We invite everyone to perform this practice, whether you believe you suffer from moral pain or not.  In any case, your petition would be a request for moral strength. ***


Drinking the water: One can drink the water before our three main meals.
Intimate: The profound real Being, our internal Spirit.
White Lodge: Group of superior Beings, Masters, Angels, Devas, etc.
Crystal Glass: One could use any type of crystal glasses.
Pure water: Any kind of drinking water.

The Magic of the Roses

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