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Mantra Raom-Gaom

Upon waking from normal sleep, every Gnostic student should do a retrospective exercise on the process of sleep, to remember all those places he visited during the hours of sleep. We already know that the ego travels a great deal, going to where we have been, repeating all that we saw and heard. The Masters instruct their disciples when out of the physical body.

It is urgent to know how to meditate profoundly and then practice what we learned during the hours of sleep. It is necessary not to move at the time of awakening because with this movement the astral is agitated and the memories are lost. It is urgent to combine the retrospective exercises with the following mantra: RAOM - GAOM. Each word is divided into two syllables. One should accentuate the vowel O. This mantra is for the student what dynamite is for the miner. Just as the miner opens a way through the bowels of the earth with the aid of dynamite, so also, the student opens a way to the memories of the subconscious with the aid of these mantras.


Prepare your breakfast with acid fruits, and almonds ground with honey from the bee. In this way you provide the brain with the necessary atoms for the memory.


It is necessary to know that humanity lives with its consciousness asleep. People work sleeping. People walk through the streets sleeping.

People live and die sleeping. When we come to the conclusion that the entire world lives sleeping, then we comprehend the necessity for to awaken. We need the awakening of consciousness. We want the awakening of consciousness.


The profound sleep in which humanity lives are caused by fascination.

People are fascinated by everything in life. People forget themselves because they are fascinated. The drunkard in the bar is fascinated by alcohol, the place, the pleasures, his friends and the women. The vain woman in front of a mirror is fascinated by her enchantment with herself. The rich avaricious person is fascinated by money and possessions. The honest worker in the factory is fascinated by hard work. The father of the family is fascinated by his children. All human beings are fascinated and sleep profoundly. When we drive a car we are astonished to see people dashing across the roads and streets without paying attention to the danger from the cars. Others actually throw themselves under wheels of cars. Poor people... walking asleep... like sleepwalkers. They walk sleeping, endangering their own lives. Any clairvoyant can see their dreams. People dream about everything that keeps them fascinated.


While dreaming, the ego escapes from the physical body. This departure of the ego is necessary so that the vital body can repair the physical body. In the internal worlds we are able to affirm that the ego takes its dreams there, to the internal worlds. In the internal worlds the ego occupies itself with the same things that fascinate it in the physical. Thus, during his sleep we see the carpenter in his carpentry shop, the policeman guarding the streets, the barber in his barbershop, the blacksmith at his forge, the drunkard in the tavern or bar, the prostitute in the house of pleasures, absorbed in lust etc., etc. All these people live in the internal worlds as if they were in the physical world. While dreaming it does not occur to any living being to ask whether they are in the physical or astral world.

Those who have asked such a question during the dream have awoken in the internal worlds.

Then, with amazement, they have been able to study all the marvels of the Superior Worlds. Only by becoming accustomed to asking ourselves this question from moment to moment during the so called vigil state can we manage to ask such a question of ourselves in the superior worlds during the hours given over to sleep. Clearly, while we are asleep we repeat everything that we do during the day. If during the day we accustom to ask this question ourselves, then this, during nocturnal sleep, whilst outside the body will lead to us repeating the same question to ourselves. The result will be the awakening of consciousness.


The human being who is fascinated does not remember himself. We must self-remember from moment to moment. We need to Self-Remember in the presence of every representation that could fascinate us. Let us pause before every representation and ask ourselves: Where am I? Am I in the physical plane? Am I in the astral plane? Then give a little jump with the intention of floating in the surrounding atmosphere. It is logical that if you float it is because you are outside the physical body. The result will be the awakening of consciousness. The object of asking this question in each moment is so that it becomes engraved in the subconscious, so that it may manifest later during the hours given to sleep, hours when the ego is really outside the physical body. You should know that in astral, things appear just as here in the physical plane.

During the dream, and after death, people see everything there in a form so similar to the physical world, that because of this they do not even suspect that they are outside the physical body. No dead person ever believes himself to have died; he is fascinated and profoundly asleep. If, during life, the dead had made a practice of remembering themselves from moment to moment, if they had struggled against the fascination of the things of the world, the result would have been the awakening of consciousness. They would not dream. They would walk in the internal worlds with awakened consciousness. Whoever awakens consciousness can study during the hours of sleep all the marvels of the superior worlds. Whoever awakens the consciousness lives in the superior worlds as a totally awakened citizen of the Cosmos. Then he lives with the Great Hierophants of the White Lodge.

Samael Aun Weor. The Perfect Matrimony.


The Mantra Raom-Gaom

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