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Discovering Our Defects


A man, after having studied himself discovered that he had twelve defects that were bothering him. This man said, "Just as it is impossible to catch ten hares at the same time, because the hunter who wants to try this would not catch any, so is it also impossible to do away with my twelve defects at the same time."

mutus liber

This man arrived at the conclusion that it would be better to catch one hare and then another, first to do away with one defect and then another. Therefore he decided to dedicate two months to each defect. After twenty-four months, this man no longer had the defects; he had done away with the twelve defects that hindered him from success. The result was marvelous. This man became the foremost citizen of the United States, his name: Benjamin Franklin.

Imitate this person. Examine yourself and see how many defects you have, count them, number them. Then dedicate two months to each defect, successively, until you eliminate all of them.

Sit in a comfortable chair and pray to your Internal God like this, "You who are my true Being, you who are my Internal God, enlighten me, help me, make me see my own defects. Amen".

Concentrate on this prayer until deep sleep arrives. Try to discover all your defects. We advise you to read the Bible. The word of the Divine Master is found in the four Gospels.

There you will see the virtues that you need, there you will discover the virtues that you lack. Wherever a virtue is lacking, a defect exists.

Samael Aun Weor. Introduction to Gnosis

In later works Master Samael comments that it's possible to study some defects in a single practice if we do it with order, this is, if we try to understand a defect in meditation, devoting the proper time and ending the study of such defect it possible then study a second defect if we need to. If we are starting the work, to study just a psychological defect in a practice of meditation it will be enough. The practice of this week is to make a "psychological inventory" and the comprehension work with any defect.

Discovering our Defects

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