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Developing our Intuition


It’s urgent that the devotee of the razor's edge Path to intensify the developing of Intuition. This faculty resides in the Coronary Chakra, such chakra glows in the Pineal gland, in the Soul’s seat, the third eye.

The current scientists think they know more than the old Wise men from the ancient schools of Mysteries and deny these things taking the question of the Pineal gland to the mere physiological field wanting with this to slap with a white glove to the Venerable faces of the Great Hierophants.

The old wise men of the ancient mysteries never ignored that the Pineal Gland is a little tissue, red-grey, located in the rear part of the brain.

They knew very well the hormone secreted by this Gland so related with the development of the sexual organs, after maturity this Gland degenerates in fibrous tissues that do not secrete, then the impotency comes, there is only one exception in here: the one of the Gnostics…

...The Pineal Gland is the center of intuitive Poli-voyance. In the heart the Intuition manifests like presentiments, but in the Pineal Gland, this presentment turns into intuitive images. It is urgent for devotees to practice the mantra for Intuition.

This mantra is the next one: “TRIIIIINNNNN...” (The “I” sounds like in “leak”) prolong the sound if the vowel “I” and the consonant “N”, give to it an intonation similar to a bell.

The student plunged into perfect meditation and with the mind in white must inundate himself with a great Silence, and then he will chant the Sacred Mantra mentally.

This Mantra should be chanted as many times as you want, after 10 minutes of vocalization stop chanting this Mantra and continue for indefinite time with the Mind in white, when the Great Silence flood us, the Experience of the Great Reality comes to us.

Samael Aun Weor. Esoteric Course of Kabbalah.

Developing our Intuition

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