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To continue the Dream

continue dream

If you find yourself dreaming that you are at a certain place and you awaken, then do not move, become sleepy once again, with your imagination set on the aforementioned place, feeling yourself there again as if trying to continue the dream just as it was unfolding, while you cling to that place of the dream with thy will. Imagination and will united in vibrant harmony is the key to this clue.

Samael Aun Weor. Zodiacal Course.

When waking up from a normal dream, concentrate your imagination and your will in a well-known place; imagine you are at that place. Don't imagine that you're imaging, make it true, forget the place where you're sleeping and full of plain confidence, feel yourself in that place that you're imagining.

Do not split yourself into two places; don't divide yourself between the place where you're sleeping and the place where you want to go in ASTRAL body. Forget the place where you?re sleeping and full of faith and will absolutely identify yourself with your body to where you want to be.

Remember that the key of the power is in the will and the imagination united in vibrant harmony.

Identify yourself with the place imagined, totally forget the place where you're sleeping, and walk full of confidence around that place imagined.

Is a basic condition for the success with this key, not to think that we're in the in the place imagined but really be in that place; one thing is to think that we're in that place and another is to really be. Do not think that we already are there. We should be sure to be un such place, so sure as when in flesh and bone we are sure to be in the street "X" number such and such, in the coffee shop or in a public square.

In those moments we do not think that we're in such places because it is so evident that to think we're there is not necessary. In a similar way we don't need to think that we're in the place imagined.

Filled with Faith we should walk around the placed imagined. If this key is perfectly done, while falling asleep it is clear that the projection in ASTRAL body will be a fact. The moment when awakening is used for this key, we need to keep the sleepy state trying to get sleep while practicing with this key which is based on the imagination and will united in vibrant harmony.

Samael Aun Weor. Esoteric Treatise of T.

To continue the Dream

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Image: Jose de Ribera. Jacob's dream. 1639

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