Many people believe in God and many people are atheist, do not believe in God. There are also many individuals who do not believe nor do believe, the later procure to behave in life just in case there is a God.

We say that believing in GOD doesn't mean having experienced that which is GOD.

We say that denying GOD doesn't mean having experienced that which is the TRUTH, that which is called GOD.

We say that doubting the existence of GOD doesn't mean having experienced the TRUTH.

We need to EXPERIENCE that which can transform us radically, that who many people call GOD, ALLAH, TAO, BRAHATMAN, etc. etc. etc.
The mind of the BELIEVER is bottled up in the BELIEFS and this last one is not experience of THAT which is the TRUTH, GOD.

The mind of the ATHEIST is bottled up in the INCREDULITY and this last one either is the experience of the Real, God, the Truth or whatever we'd like to name the DIVINITY.

The mind of the one who doubts the existence of God is bottled up in the skepticism  and this is not the TRUTH.

What IT'S, that which is the TRUTH, GOD, ALLAH or whatever the name we wish to give to it is pretty different to the BELIEF,  to the DENIAL and to the SCEPTICISM.

While the mind remains bottled up inside any of those three afore mentioned factors, it cannot experience THAT which the CHINESE called the TAO, THAT which is DIVINE, THAT which is the TRUTH, GOD, ALLAH, BRAHATMAN, etc.

Whoever has experienced some time THAT which cannot be defined because if it's defined becomes disfigured. THAT which some call GOD, it is obvious that they pass through a radical, total and definitive transformation.

When Pilate asked JESUS: "what is the TRUTH?", he remained in silence and when BUDDHA was asked with the same question, he turned his back and left.

The whole world can give its opinio about the TRUTH but the TRUTH has nothing to do with the opinions.

The TRUTH has nothing to do with the mind, the TRUTH is something that we must live in the absence of the I.

The TRUTH comes to us like a thief in the night and when it's least expected. In reality the TRUTH is something very paradoxical. THE ONE WHO KNOWS IT DOESN'T SAY IT AND THE ONE WHO SAY IT DOESN'T KNOW IT.

The TRUTH us not something still, STATIC, the TRUTH is the unknown from moment to moment.

The TRUTH is not a finishing line where we should get to, the TRUTH is hidden in the bottom of every problem of our daily life, it's like the SUN, it shines behind the black storm clouds of our personal defects.

The TRUTH does not belong to the tie or the eternity, the TRUTH is far beyond the Eternity and the time.

We must live intelligently because in the practical life lived intelligently from moment to moment we can find THAT which is the TRUTH.

After a hard day's work we can very well devote ourselves to the INTERIOR MEDITATION.

We need to understand deeply every problem, every memory, every personal defect.

During the meditation our worries, desires and sorrows pass through the mind like a sinister parade.

It is URGENT to analyze each one of these things of the mind and to extract from them what can be useful, after that the tragic parade ends and the mind - in a very spontaneous and natural way- remains profoundly still and in silence.

ONLY the silent, serene and still mind can EXPERIENCE that element that radically transforms and that many call GOD.

The excited and clumsy mind, the mind that searches , the mind that is like a butterfly from SCHOOL to SCHOOL from sect to sect, etc. will never be able to experience THAT which is the TRUTH.

The mind is a wonderful plastic substance and we can play with it and change its form at will and label it with names coming from different schools, but that doesn't mean having experienced the TRUTH.

In the world there are many people who think that they have the TRUTH without having experienced it, those people wants to teach the TRUTH to those who have experienced it some time.

Whoever has ever experienced the TRUTH cannot kill anyone, but it's odd to know that who has never experienced the TRUTH, has killed so many in her name.

The TRUTH has nothing to do with the ideas that we may have in the mind, the TRUTH does not belong to the mind.

Some people have an IDEA about the TRUTH and some other have another IDEA and each one has his own IDEAS about the TRUTH, but the TRUTH has nothing to do with the IDEAS, it's radically different to any IDEA.

We need to radically transform ourselves and only the TRUTH can TRANSFORM US.

The TRUTH, GOD, ALLAH, the TAO -or whatever name we want to give to it- it's a series of experiences always expansive and every time more and more significant.

The TRUTH has nothing to do with the beliefs nor with the INCREDULITY.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Social Transformation of the Humanity.