Spatial Sense


By developing the Spatial Sense we can see the things in themselves.

By developing the Spatial Sense we can see the body of a man in himself, as it is, and even better than using X-rays.

The image of a man is not the man in himself; with the developed Spatial Sense, we can see the Vital Body of the man, (the Lingam-Sarira).

Such body is the basic origin of all the biological, physical, chemical, etc. phenomena, without the vital bottom the mechanics of a cell would be impossible.

The vital body is the "thing in itself", "the body in itself" of the man.

What is the "Thing in Itself" of a plant? It's vital body; What is the "thing in Itself" of an animal? It's vital body. What's the "thing in itself" of a cube? It's tetra-dimensional cube, this means the hyper-solid placed in the fourth dimension.

The inferior animals possess sensations; the superior animals posses sensations and perceptions; the intellectual animal called man possesses sensations, perceptions and concepts.

There are two classes of animal cerebrations . The first is the cerebration based upon the mechanical association of ideas, words and thoughts. The second is the cerebration by the form, based upon the mechanical association of images, both kinds of cerebrations are animal kind.

We need a new way of thinking, we need the fourth unit of reasoning.

Whoever wants to acquire the fourth Unit of reasoning should get free from the tri-dimensional psychology.

The fourth unit of reasoning is so different from the concept as this is from the perception.

The fourth unit of reasoning allows us to see the fourth characteristic of all the things. The fourth unit of reasoning allows us to know directly the fourth coordinate, the fourth vertical, the fourth spatial dimension.

In all the things, in all the organisms, inside our own body there is a fourth scientific characteristic totally unknown by the degenerate minions of Marx and Engels.

The SPACE is MULTIMENSIONAL because it's infinite. To deny the multidimensionality of the space is the same as to deny the infinite. Only a crazy one or an idiot can think on denying the infinite.

It is really a fact that the «tri-dimensionality» of the space is a property of its reflection in our conscience. The «tri-dimensionality» of the world is just a result of our own individual capacity of perception.

The space depends on our Spatial Sense. We have to know that there exists a Spatial Sense underneath the Spatial Sense of men, we have to know that there exists a Spatial Sense over the one normally used by the men.

Each one sees the world in accordance with the category of his Spatial Sense, this clearly means, that in our ambient and around us, beings that live in different worlds can live together in accordance with the category of their Spatial Sense.

Let’s give shape to these explanations with some examples: the snail see the World with only one dimension because it is «one-dimensional». The superior animals such as the dog, the horse, the elephant, etc., see the world with two dimensions because they are «Bi-dimensional animals». The intellectual animal sees the world with three dimensions because he is «Three-dimensional». The authentic Men, that is, the «Angels-Men», «Super-Men», or Genius, see the world with four, five, six or seven dimensions, because they have extraordinarily developed the Spatial Sense.

The snail is guided by the compass «pleasure-pain» and always try to reach the edge of the leaf where delightfully repose, and instinctively it moves away from the dead leaf.

All the movements of the snail are processed in only one line, going from the unpleasant to the pleasant; out of that only line nothing exists for the snail, that line is all its world; the world is for the snail only one line.

The superior animals such as the dog, the cat and the horse see the world as a surface, as a plane, everything out of this plane it belongs to the time; a dog, or a cat, perceive any convex surface or angle as moving bodies, the angle of a house where the horse pass across daily, is perceived by this, as a moving body that repeat itself in time, at the end it is lacking of the concept to correct its perceptions.

The man that goes quickly in a car perceives trees which are moving, houses that come and go, etc., but as he is a three-dimensional intellectual animal, he corrects his own perceptions by means of the concept.

Actually there are beings in the World that are «Fourth-dimensional», «Fifth-dimensional», «Sixth-dimensional» and «Seventh-dimensional», who see the «three-dimensional» beings in the same way as the they see at the  «Bi-dimensional» and «One-dimensional» beings.

The GNOSTIC MOVEMENT has scientific systems to develop the Spatial Sense.

Any people who develops the Spatial Sense gets the Fourth Unit of Reason.

It is true that the three-dimensional reason is already old for the new era that is beginning in these moments.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.